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We welcome be Graham a couple of more reporters it will be joining shortly. There are so many reports out there right now it. Takes. Unbelievable patience to weed through and not react to much. But there's a report coming out by. Bill, Rabinowitz who covers Ohio state saying a source has told him that the incoming president at Ohio state. Christina Johnson favors delaying. Not, canceling the season she would vote. No. On canceling I is this a reaction to Brian Day and and so many of. The Ohio state players hard to say but there had been a report earlier today by by several publications. That said the initial. Though was twelve to two in favor of cancelling at including a vote to cancel by Ohio State. So you one thing that I don't think any of us know what the Public Reaction Today. We'll have on the people that run college campuses. Let's check in with more calls in. Tom. Is in Reno Nevada Tom Thank you and good afternoon. Well. I appreciate it. I've never called you before and I've always been involved in sports. And It sounds that people like they're trying to the virus will be in the stands. You either Tom. Yes yeah. Keep going. You said the virus okay in the stands. Okay. Yeah. The if this crowd will be in the stands but bunched in the virus is the same virus that. There could non football for. So. I. I think it's I think it's just a question I had to see what they're gonNa do with it because there's not going to fill up stadiums hopefully. Maybe. Yeah. I think it depends on where you are in various stadiums various states will allow more but but I, I think I think I think the fans right now the number of fans are way way down on the list of priorities Ramsey is Georgia Ramsey. Our you I am well, thank you for calling. Yeah. This bear with me palm picking up my phones and daycare right now But Anyway, I just had to call 'cause I'm just wondering I heard. Against say while ago like he thought of his political and I'm just wondering what all this coded You know if it wouldn't election year how big of a with this I mean I know. I know the bad but the media believes this thing like. Like I said before like if you get it, you got stage four cancer and you're GonNa die with it and two days you know. and. In Two thousand and ten in America there was sixty, million H., one inland cases but two thousand ten wasn't electioneer. We're just sitting here. Hear much about it. I just think it wouldn't election year and you know it would be blown up like it is and. Another thing I wanted to say is what's going to happen with you know if we if we council kind of football, what's going to happen with these seniors you know like because January these incoming freshmen to be able to come in you know like there's only so many scholarships go around so many spots on the roster. Think Hassle on the season causes so many problems you know. There's so many things to think about with that, but I'll hang up and listen to you. Well thank you. Yeah. No I would agree I. It does cause a lot of problems it causes A. Mountainous. Problems Cat Daddy I've been having a rough day. So pick me up. Mr Finebaum. Green will be in the stands our and scream I just know regard Blake football and we'll be able to chill I might even sneak in ice cold era. I see let's let's play is making a choice me they. Playing football they're going to be somewhere else and you know what? You Eighteen nineteen years old. Do. Not, sure I mean I Nick Sabin made that argument today others have as well that they're better playing football than not but ultimately, that's not going to determine it. If I don't know what is quite frankly because I think everyone is is is reading different criteria in terms of whether they'll play or not and. Paul around them to combat is GonNa have the medical expert. You're absolutely right I'll take the medical help that the University of South Carolina. Players are getting right now over the medical health, the two of are getting. You got that right I want. Washington DC Congress healthcare. Yeah. I went I had to go. I had my annual physical, the other day I felt like I mean I felt like I was trying to enter Communist China with all the protocols I had to go through with the temperature check the ID the It was I don't. If you don't have to go to a doctor right now don't go. Here a cast only medication. He, did when I told him I wasn't he said you need to be. I told him I wouldn't on medication and he said, well, that's good for a man. You'll. He said if you don't count. Move. He kept going down should don't you argue on anything? No I said. He looked at me like I was crazy which I am. We'll be right back..

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