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You know that that you know what that belief. You're going to argue. That's why he saw it because he wanted to. But you know to me. It's him bringing no. I'm going to argue. Not that he wanted to is that he thought he was supposed to. Everybody else was seeing is what you're saying and then and then you know if you see something that could be fifty fifty science or paranormal. You'RE GONNA lean more towards the paranormal. Okay it makes. It seem like my arguments are all just like You know it's because people don't believe this way and people you know it's but the the the thing is there are certain circumstances that can cause people to see things into believe things a very well known skeptic I do not have permission. He's actually passed away. he He actually had a condition where he had to go into the hospital. And the condition got really bad really fast and he started to see everyone as aliens And this was a skeptic a full blown skeptic it would not believe in aliens not like me I kind of can but But so this person believed in that and it took his partner bringing his wife and his child to the hospital and once he saw the child he realized. It can't be an alien. Because this is you know this this kid that I've known in that's what clicked and made them realize it was his mind playing tricks on him interesting. But so that is a skeptic saying that If someone is a partial belief it's it's really easy to to believe these things I get you okay. No that makes sense. I understand your argument. I guess I wanted I as I said earlier. I think we talked about the the seance your the not technically an extra schism right okay So Cindy and Andrea were witnessed to this. They snuck down and saw it So I just wanted to see what they claim to have seen and it wasn't in the cellar. It was in the dining room. Okay yeah they think that's right yeah She said this is the only time I was truly terrified in that house was that night. Because she thought she's our mother die Her mom spoken voice. She had never heard before. And a power that was not of this world through her twenty feet across into another room And Actually Andrea read Believed that this cause her mamma concussion and that she didn't get over it for a very long time even just the physical part of it The MOM herself describes the events of that night is dreadful and added that the Warren tried to help but we Essentially found things got worse and Then her father. I guess was so upset by the events of that night that he actually asked the words to leave. So I think you talked about this earlier. You know that though. The warrants made it worse than they didn't work basically So I just thought the what do you think about that? The the claim that she spoke in different voice got thrown across the room. That kind of stuff well. These are typical things that people say with an exorcism. So I could see how the movie can portray this as an exorcism right I believe that there are some medical conditions that can cause people to speak in tongues Especially tongues that are not recognizable. And that's what I heard from Andrea Andrea spoke of the event that these are not this was not languages that she's ever heard on this planet so it didn't sound like it was Spanish. Didn't sound like it. Was You know Russian? It sounded like something different so they could just be made up word. Then at that point you know The throwing twenty feet in the air. I you know again. I'm not there. I didn't see it I'd love to believe them. I would love to believe them. But their credibility is Shaken and the Warren's credibility to me is shaken by the idea that they would that they would allow something to go out to the public before. They've actually researched it fully. I would never claim that somebody did something that heinous to put a needle in a baby's brain when there's nothing nothing that substantiates that at all. So my belief is that I don't have the credibility in the family. I definitely don't have the credibility in the Warren's I mean the Warren's take a piece from other little you know investigations to put in their museum that's in their house because only in their house. Can IT BE PROTECTED? But in other people's houses it can't be protected. They they make money. They make a lot of money. People don't realize how much money is in the paranormal. And I was talking about this before we started recording. If I was a believer or if I pretended to be a believer this podcast we would have a lot more fans. We would have a lot more lessons. I have no doubt that if I would come come out as a believer and started to preach the word of this that we could probably quit our day jobs and do this full-time but I can't do that. Because I am not going to bamboozle anybody I am. There is a good word. It is a good word. I am not going to do that because I have faith in humanity. I have faith that we're going to all do the right thing at the right time and to me the parent families not Okay all right. Well I'M GONNA save some of my suffer. The Font my final argument okay said that I don't WanNa repeat too much so the girls will move on. The girls also experienced things that they couldn't see I could see him my notes but it's Quincy. There are too many of them for us to talk about all of them. So I'm just going to mention a couple One is that they smelled a putrid smell that they smelled like rotting flesh I read one place. They would only smell in the mornings but everywhere else I saw. It said it could be any time they would smell it and then it would go away. they definitely had. This is part of the movie you did. They mentioned it several times. What do you think I think that could be any outside influence? That's not a ghost. It could be. Maybe they left a plate spaghetti the on the dresser. You know all these years. I don't know that I'm well. Maybe there's something outside that is causing that. Maybe another was their beds. Being lifted up off the floor at five fifteen Most mornings so it was like a certain time their beds would get lifted off. Okay so why? Don't we have video of this well because it was like early seventies so most people didn't necessarily have video but they lived there for ten years. That was the eighties and if this was really happening so by the way. I don't know if you've ever heard of James Randi the amazing Randi. Yes so the amazing Randi Started up a research I forget what he calls it but there is a paranormal research group that offered in nineteen sixty four one thousand dollars for anybody that could prove any paranormal activity and all it had to be was observed by a member of the whatever. James Randi Foundation for whatever It just had to be observed and they had to be able to prove that it was legit and That one thousand dollars over the years jumped up to one million dollars and nobody has ever claimed this prize. Nobody has ever successfully been able to demonstrate a paranormal activity. That's real ever I. You know it's one of those things I you know. It's it's a double edged. It's a IT'S A. It's an impossible situation. What is that when it's like an impossible for some? It's an immovable object or whatever it's called science well here's the thing had no because here's the other part of it right so we also know that. Mrs Sutcliffe you mentioned this earlier claim that the beds moved but said she said the explainable. Y- shook and said totally explainable. Just because it's an old house beds move for this wasn't levitating in the air though well but maybe to a little girl it was. You know it moving. They felt it was being lifted up. Whatever they didn't see it necessary. I'm GONNA use the old house thing for my thing but the thing is to me is that I I you know when a believer see something versus when a nonbelievers see something. They're going to look at it in a different way. So if I'm this amazing Randi Guy and I'm there in the room and I see this happen. I'm just going to be like whatever it was the house moving whereas then when the girls say yeah but like it happens often and it always happens at this time. happens to all of us. You know at different times or different days or whatever. Whatever was like fat doesn't seem likely and did anything else move. You know what I mean. It's like but again you're going to see what you WANNA see. So if you WANNA believe you're GonNa see it as a believe thing if you want. If you're a non believer you're gonNA see the nonbelievers thing and never the Twain shall meet. Actually what's what's funny about me. Is I typically start off going? Oh my God that had to have been this but then after I get away from the situation than I have time to process and then I changed my mind. Yeah you've had some stuff happen you will maybe one day. We'll talk about that. You've you've already talked about some of them. Yeah but there's more there's a lot more so crazy okay. All right you ready for I think the last couple here. We want to talk with the movie. Okay So the movie itself had a few creepy things that happened so You know some of them were things that the family claims I. I wanted to go more with the director and the crew Actually the director and the writers So director James Wan Was working on a shooting script in his Home Office before filming started and has Malamalama Multi Pu multiple. That's the cutest name ever puppy Lana reacted to an unseen presence She would quote. She would stare at the corner of the office. Make this really low growl want told the Daily News. She would just be growling away and she would just be tracking whatever. This thing is across my office just looking at following. She did this many many nights in a row and it just freaked me out so I'm say about. That is one of the biggest times that I noticed something like this was. I was dating a girl that was into horses and She would you know in the stable. They would ride the horses on. She was against the whole like jumping the horse in doing these weird things because like I found out that that's actually not good for the horse to do in some degree I don't know but anyways the horses would get spooked. Sometimes not at the same spot like like every single horse would get spooked at this one spot randomly. They would just get spooked. Horses have to wear those things to cover up the CY. Minders the blinders. Because they get spooked so much they just freak out for no reason and that has caused people to die because they've thrown people off. I hate to say die kind to be smiling a little bit with that. I don't know why I was but anyways I believe that we have no idea what this kind of thing is connection with dogs and and cats and other animals with anything else out there. We have no proof of anything. It's never been scientifically proven that yes dogs cats other things can see into other dimensions or see spirits are. Oh WE'RE GONNA BURN. GonNa explore this more in a future episode. Maybe maybe well no actually. I guess it's different where we're going to do but yeah all right all right so I actually want to go to Not THE NEXT ONE. But the next one okay. So we're we're talking about The some chatting Carey Hayes also wrote the screenplay So Carry Hayes says he started At all started when the Writers Would Call Lorraine Warren to discuss the four thousand cases. She investigated with her late husband their conversations it'd be interrupted by strange bursts of static on the line that sounded like a cascade of angry whispers. Judging by his brothers reenactment It was not something wrong with the line. You'd like to say that but it's not Warren now..

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