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Percent chance of rain for today but there hasn't there's barely been a cloud in the sky same thing for tomorrow so hopefully if the rain holds off the issue just becomes heat 'cause i think you saw that earlier today in a couple of days games with us pictures when you're standing out on that now that he really that sunday beating dow on yourself i think that's more the issue then it will be rain at this point until now i've just jinxed it and out a probably grain honest tomorrow did you have a couple more minutes or sign autographs or something well i do have some people waiting for autographs but i'm happy to stick around okay let's talk about a couple of things here uh today the out of the big dwells uh did you see that did you see the revenue announcement coming those big twelve i did okay i did shane lyons i think he's just sleeping on a big bought pilot cash tonight at his house so as the let's do a little let's do a lewis coach hunter would say let stools safer okay so the deal comes out that the uh that the big twelve folks announces revenue today is the end it's a and their annual meetings and we're talking about a large chunk of change the average revenue for each school in the big swells okay is thirty four point five million thirty four point five million sets a record number total money uh three hundred forty five million dollars that the league is going to distribute now that does not include what are known as the third tier tv rights so if you start to do the math on this the others the other leagues that have been listed in this graphic that the iowa states a d put out there so the average including third tier in the sec is forty point four.

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