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The chiefs be honest with you first of mahomes probably gonna play the sheer anyway gap they sold high on smith this is probably his best year statistically yet uh i don't have a problem with what the chiefs did they just better not be wrong on mahomes older yeah obviously that that's what it comes down to mantelet even so even a you know you've got a young quarterback we believe in net and you've got a lot back he probably gotta you gotta a former first round cornerback and you got the picks on top of it that's pretty damn good deal for a quarterback that was probably nine we play a few next year but you know so i definitely got a good value on it was good that they pulled the trigger when they did yes um so yeah it's gonna be really i i think i think the chiefs in a good spot right now and i like mahomes i think i think he's he comes from a funky system in texas tech uh but he's got a canon gap and if he could just figure out how to play the pro style system he'll be fine dad would i would agree i mean listen all this by everything we hear about him is all positive yeah the poofs going to be in the pudding of course you know something we've we've we've heard these kinds of things before about quarterbacks and they come out and been better yeah and we've heard these kind of things about quarterbacks and they've come out and they've been awful show it's going to be interesting to see whit beat a what which player that you know he turns out already and that'll be the i guess the deciding factor the other thing too quick note is the chiefs pat cap issue so this helps out their cap situation significantly so we'll be talking more super bowl when we come back it's it's a.

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