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The Senate supported are with this border security included, but it failed to reach the sixty votes needed because the president opposed it on the same day. A bipartisan supermajority in the Senate rejected the president's alternative Bill. We gotta be honest about the challenges we face. It's more about the way we use our resources to address them a work with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to reform our broken immigration system and improve security. Reducing brutal cartel violence smuggling will not be accomplished by a border wall or punishing innocent victims of cartel violence, and we're desperately seeking safety in the United States. We have to work to address the drug epidemic at our nation. Stop the weapons and cash that flows south cartels and collaborate more effectively with regional nations to strengthen their economies and decrease cartel violence thanking us. Oh. Well, I'm glad to hear that ten years ago. Ten Vinnie convenient hearing on some aspects of the same problem, but being an optimist, basically based on what you were saying, I see some common ground for investing in scanning devices customs officers dealing with a straw purchasers. And the bulk cash transfers across the border. I see some components of of legislation that we could work on together. Like we worked on criminal Justice reform, which I hope is successful Senator John Cornyn December twelfth same time. I noted that there during the gang of eight immigration Bill who said there were forty billion dollars appropriated for border security, and in the DACA proposal. They got forty four votes. I think it was twenty five billion. And I'm still confused about the fight over five billion. But I agree with you. It shouldn't be just about physical. Barriers and it should be about technology. It should be about personnel. It's more of a system is the way I tend to think of it. Maybe the chief will enlighten us further. I'm sure she will. So it's my pleasure. Introduce our witnesses for the first panel. Mr. Kemp, Chester is currently the assistant director of the opioids coordination group in the office of national drug control policy before coming to Owen D C P, Mr..

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