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And it's ready when you wake up on the weekend edition. We will be bringing you some of the best stories from the week. One of the big stories of the week is the ongoing partial government shutdown. It's now the longest in the history. There was two bills that were voted on in the Senate. They both failed. There was a Republican backed Bill. There was a democratic back Bill both had different things. One had funding for the wall. The other one did not have funding for the wall would reopen the government. There was just not enough support there to get either of them passed, and again, the government shutdown just continues because of that the only hope with getting votes on the record for this was that now that we know what won't pass maybe the two sides and come to a consensus on what will pass we spoke to Shannon Vavra. She's a reporter for axios about these two bills that didn't pass President Trump fighting with Nancy Pelosi over the state of the union he has postponed that now. So let's check in with Shannon. We start off by talking about this fight between Trump and Pelosi interesting about that is we're starting to see Trump wall that he's put up here and his. On the border wall. We're starting to get a little bit just in that one moment can say, oh, yeah. Karagas and really seeing how far policies getting to head to right? He's tweeting says Nancy Pelosi, I call her hand, this isn't even a nickname until. Yeah. I thought the exact same thing when that happened just comical to laugh at but you're right, though, it shows how much power Nancy Pelosi has in this fight. How much power the Democrats in the house have now that they've taken control there? And the president is realizing as the shutdown continues to go on that there are consequences and that he does need to make a deal. So he did concede there. The whole reason for the shutdown is funding for the border wall for the barrier. The president is singularly focused on this. And there's even some conservative allies and conservative activist groups that are stressed out by this they're frustrated with this because they don't even see the border wall. As the main thing that they need to do. This is a political thing, you know, all of the president's advisors and people working for his reelection campaign. See this as the winner he needs to get this done. Done for the twenty twenty reelection campaign talking about the state of the union, President Trump will be able to deliver it in the house teamer and going introduce that resolution to authorize that it's all posturing. It's it's the same reason why we know that she has reported Mitch McConnell and Trump we're talking about that negotiated deal that they presented on the Senate floor today for we know that they were hoping to do that to sweeten the deal for democrat venture try and make it look like in election years. They're able to say, well, the Democrats actually voted against extending DACA protections. They voted against renewing the violence against women act pasturing around is one idea of a high point seven billion border wall. Let's talk about the two bills that the Senate voted on to try to reopen. The government one was sponsored by Democrats one was sponsored by Republicans on the Republican side. It had the funding for the border wall. That one didn't pass the democrat side had a clean funding. Bill wasn't going to give money for the wall. But did expand some other order security protections that also? Didn't pass by. And what we're seeing from the specific. There is actually really interesting parts over democratic plan had actually more. Yes. And yes votes than the Trump and Mitch McConnell plan and also had more GOP defections. So it's over I'll have more support. And that's an indication that President Trump in the White House are likely looking at now moving forward interpreted, what kinds of proposal they can put forward negotiations are seriously back on the table. And then on the flip side. We also see that was fish sticks. Republicans we had garner mccaskey Collins, Rodney Alexander Isaacson Albro party line vote for the Democrats. I mean, interestingly had Joe Manchin who the democrat vote for Trump. It's interesting how this is all playing out so publicly everybody's reporting on it furiously because just how long the shutdown has extended because of all of this. But a lot of people are very hopeful that even though the bills did not pass at least everybody's on record. Now, they've voted. So they know where everybody stands, and it could be the beginning of concessions from both sides on working on how to figure it out where we can meet in the middle. Right. But that's exactly the thing is. I had a press conference in after place, and she thinks Burma's ever and President Trump also affidavits took place, and he changed things. Like, oh, there are other alternatives. We can turn to we know. He's talking now about accepting a continuing resolution if it has the down payment on the wall, which would indicate that there would be future down payment trait. And the question is if there is a continuing resolution to reopen the government what happens then after that temporary. Opening do we have another shutdown if there's no border wall? And there's just so many questions about whether President Trump will maintain his stance here that it's it's almost anybody's best. Guess what happens in the next twenty four hours going back to the politics of it? You know, the president made this such a central part of his campaign. We're going to build a wall in Mexico's gonna pay for it. And he's kind of pinned himself against the wall with this ironically, right? It's obvious that Mexico is not going to pay for this. I know they say it's going to happen in some form with the new trade agreement that we have going, but that's not really borne out just yet. So he needs to get this done. He needs to have this. This go through for him to have any prospects of piecing his base in terms of batteries base, actually supports us. We know that his approval rating in starting paying a little bit more than usual in particular because Republicans aren't necessarily backing him in his fight for the wall anymore. They used to be impenetrable and their support for President Trump. This is one of the things that actually started feeling some of his support away from him. So he's gonna start feeling the burn of that. In addition to the harm sat federal workers are experiencing right now. As a result of not having liquidity, not to mention the fact that we've had Kevin half it from the White House concede that if the shutdown continues through quarter one there will be zero growth, and we know that President Trump likes to tout economics at that thing. Likely thinking about del Shannon, Vavra reporter for axios. Thank you very much for joining us. It was the craziest stories that we covered. This week is actually a callback to a story. From twenty sixteen was the story of Michelle Hadley, India's her US marshal ex-boyfriend and new wife Angela together they framed Michelle in this Craigslist rape fantasy plot. It's a strange story has bunch of twists and turns it landed Michelle in jail for three months until she was exonerated. But the damage to her life had already been done. Michelle now is fighting back. She filed the lawsuit to reclaim her. Good name. This all stemmed from the relationship that Michelle had with e India's they bought property together. There was a dispute over it when they broke up, and it just things turned so sour as the story. Started allegedly. Michelle was sending the new wife Angela de as threatening emails messages at said things like you might be beautiful. You might be the one he married, but you're. Still a sinner, and you must be punished. I will make sure you are reminded of your place by force. Another one read. I know you're leaving work. I watch you as you walk. Let's play a game. So these alleged emails are being sent to the new wife of India's, and they were blaming it all on Michelle. They were using weird emails that kind of vaguely matched what her real Email address resembled. So she got thrown in jail it ruined her life. She filed a lawsuit in December, basically alleging that India's went crazy and because their relationship went so bad. He just wanted to make her life living hell and that he was framing her for stocking. The new wife all of this could have been handled fairly simply if the police had traced the emails back accordingly. Each E-mail is attached to an IP address. And these emails were originating out of the house that Ian and Angela were living in so part of her lawsuit also states that there was this blue wall of silence that because he was an ex US marshal that the cops were looking out for him. It's a crazy story. There's all sorts of twists and turns we spoke to Jessica Tessa. She's a reporter at BuzzFeed news to break down this whole story. And we started at the beginning of Michelle's crazy ordeal. When she got arrested for sending these alleged threatening emails a good place to start. Michelle story is in the summer of two thousand sixteen when she arrives home late one night. She just gone on a date with like this brand new guy. She said it was a really great date. So she gets home, and she sees a car parked outside cider house, she pulls into driveway and a bunch of men get out of this car, and it turns out there. Detectives there in an unmarked car, and in plainclothes, they start asking her questions about her devices, her laptop, tablet and her phone. They asked to see them and she gives them over. And they take a look at her emails, and they end up arresting her on the spot and that night, she is accused of sending really threatening emails to her ex boyfriend's new wife and setting up these elaborate schemes in which men on Craigslist would come to their house where this couple lived and try and rape the woman. Yes, she went to jail that night still in her dress from that date that you were talking about she was freezing in jail cell. And it was a month earlier that threatening emails had begun going to the inbox of her ex boyfriend's new girlfriend her name was Angela de is her ex fiance. I guess his name was e- India's. And there were just crazy text messages. Like, I hope you're scared to death tomorrow. Be prepared don't sleep. We will steal your child and watch it as a dies just all sorts of crazy messages. And as you said a lot of these things are coming from emails and account associated with Michelle Hadley. She had no. Idea. What was going on? They came from about a dozen different accounts like g mail accounts, outlook accounts, hotmail accounts, and many of them had variations of her name and username, and they would be signed in various ways by Michelle Hadley. It would be like Michelle s highly R M S A attorney shells that Michelle really didn't know exactly what was going on. But she could tell there was something weird happening because she was getting these emails from these servers telling her that her real Email address her primary g mail address was being used as the recovery account on some of these new strange accounts that she had never heard of. So she had a sense before she was arrested that there was something shady going on online. But she didn't exactly know what it was. You're listening to the daily dive weekend edition when we come back. We'll continue the story of Michelle Hadley and her fight to reclaim her. Good name, the exquisite corpse, a very unusual and completely amazing story piece together so many parts that it is not possible to describe them all here. So go ahead and just start reading. The.

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