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From coast to coast on the internet this is coast to coast AM with George Knapp now here's George has toto hold the line big hit for that band I I've never got to see toto play in person but I have seen Steve look at their their guitar player he's the guitarist for a Ringo Starr's all Starr band see them several times a man that guy can play we're talking with Chris to rose the name of his book is in your face from actor to animal activists and as I said before he's a guy who walks the walk he's put his life his career and his freedom on the line for animals and animal causes and in very dramatic ways we're gonna get into some of the specifics I in particular as as we just heard he tracked down this ring of pet peeves people who would go around and in towns they pay people to steal your dog your cat out of your yard or they would trick people into surrendering their paths and telling them that they're going to get a good home and in fact what they would do is to come into boxes and crates and then sell them to these these giant labs university labs publicly funded labs were all kinds of horrible experiments were conducted and that became sort of the focus of of Chris's life is vivisection us and the the horrible things that are done in the name of medical science would get into that part of the story right after this on coast to coast AM message and data rates may apply earning your degree from one of the top business schools in the country might sound impossible to fit into your workload well.

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