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We will announce the winner. I love it that sounds right right democracy run away with this shit. Come on. I don't know that people might not know what it means. So let's let's quickly go over the rationale for each so with fly baby fly my feeling about that was that it was about a celebrating a spirit of freedom. Right. And it was something that you could say to encourage someone. But also something you could say to encourage yourself, and it's zippy it's memorable. Right. And it would look good on a T shirt. I'm remembering that the racehorse association years ago when they were trying to get young people jazzed about who. Five saving because people are going to the race track anymore. Was they had go baby. Go. Yeah. Sure. We're trying to get babies to go to the race. Right. Yeah. I guess that was started early. Yeah. Try to try to try to McDonald's strategy hit the streets is both an effective threat. And it's a great encouragement to get out there and mix it up to make things happen for your rather than letting things happen to you. Yeah. Right or stay home in hiding from everything was it hit the streets, or let's hit the streets. What got landed on? I if the comments are open, I think we should let the voters also say what should be let's hit the streets or hit the streets or rise like a child arise like the shots. I think I think they should be able to determine all that. But I'd say. I have like rank choices I want ranked choice voting. But also I up for the purpose of this. Let's say let's hit the streets. Well, the streets is is punch. You hit the streets. Yeah. Hit the streets. And then Jordan rise like the how how do you see that playing out in people's lives? Yeah. You know? It's just like if you feel like you're in a sewer if you're hungry for flesh get out of the rise up hit the streets. Yeah. Next week. We'll find out what the winner is. There's only one way to find out. Yeah. Keep it locked to Jordan, Jesse go, right, Nick. And I allowed to vote in this. Yeah. You can vote you're part of the public cool. You can't do voter fraud Damon guys are going to have to show ID. Oh boy. We know what you're up to date. Do you have a no you're a spindle crat? Estonian license or do you do do? You have a US license. I am 'cause I'm ethnically Estonian great-grandfather things that I have an Estonian driver's license. We traveled to Estonia to take your driver's test. It only makes sense. Three generations have grown up in California. Still stone in Estonian spy. Yes. Mitch Nick, God his driver's license at del taco. In nineteen eighty. You're an old man Say at all. tony. And man, we'll be back in just a second on Jessica. It's Jordan Jesse go. I'm Jesse thorn, America's radio sweeter more spoi- detective Mitchell, the.

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