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It's early evening on Sunday, march 18th, 1990. And in Augusta, Georgia, Mary Sturgis, who everyone calls miss Louise, is starting to get worried because her 15 year old fraternal twin daughters dinette and Jeanette millbrook still haven't arrived back to the family apartment that they share with 5 of their 6 other siblings and their mother. They recently moved into this new apartment because it gave them more space, but it meant that danette and Jeanette would have to take the bus to finish out tenth grade at their old high school. Well, listen, the family has to watch every penny, and that Sunday there wasn't enough money for the girls to have bus fare for school on Monday. So miss Louise suggested that the girls asked their godfather, this guy Ted, who agreed to give them some money if they just came by and got it. So the twins had left for his house that afternoon at around two 30 or three to track the four miles or so to their old neighborhood where he lives. So it's not a short walk by any means, but it's been hours at this point, and they should have been home by now. Miss Louise calls Ted, who tells her that, yeah, the girls made it. They were there. They were just fine. He'd given them 20 bucks for the bus, plus a few extra dollars for spending money, but he's like, that was a while ago, and they've already left. So miss Louise calls her oldest child AC and her. She lives near Ted, and it would make sense for danette and jeannette to maybe like, stop by and see her before they came home. AC ender tells her that the twins did stop by for a little bit. They had wanted her to walk them home, which was kind of an unusual request, but AC and her just had a baby a couple of weeks ago and she wasn't up for it. So the girls left on their own headed in the direction of a nearby gas station called the pump and shop. So miss Louise hangs up the phone and it's reassuring to be able to trace the girl's steps to some degree, but it's getting late and it doesn't stop her from getting worried. So she asks a friend to watch her younger kids and she and her 12 year old chante set out for the pump and shop. Their mom figures that the girls want to spend the extra money, maybe that Ted gave them, maybe they're still there. And if not, their paths should cross on the way. Chande told R reporter Nina that she remembers looking everywhere on the way to the gas station. There was still some light in the sky, but it was fading fast, and they made it all the way to the gas station without any sight of them. And when they make it there, they do get some information from Gloria, the cashier who knows the family. Like they were all regulars in the store before they moved. According to the falling podcast, Gloria tells them that the twins came in around four 30 p.m.. They seemed totally fine. They bought chips, candy, some drinks, and then they left. Gloria saw them in the parking lot once they were out of the store, but again, she's like busy ringing up another customer.

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