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I am, it's movember. I've never grown facial hair before ever. I always shave and grant, I don't know. Most people would say, well, you can't really grow it. It'd be correct. Got them. But I got it myself on that one. But I am trying to see what it comes of a mustache. I'm gonna give it a shot. Let's movember. It's an important cause. I'm gonna give it a shot. It's gonna look probably horrendous. Remember Sidney Crosby back in like the late 2000s. Play off my sister's awful. If it gets to that point, I think we're gonna have to take it off, just gonna have to do it. But I'm gonna try to be in there a little bit, but. Yeah. I can't let it get too far. I'm gonna give it my all. Here's a bet that I don't know if it's really safe. But it's come to fruition. Charlie Coyle's been good. Charlie Coyle is currently tied for I believe third on the team in points with 5. Yes, or tied for second, actually. With Taylor hall and David poster, I shouldn't expect hall to be second. But Tod for a second, in 5 points, three goals two assists. He's been good. You've got a lot out of him. He's looked good on the second line. Shout out to me, by the way, I picked him up in fantasy. I picked him up. I drafted him. It was like last round pick in fantasy hockey, which I actually I'm enjoying this year 'cause I can watch all the games on ESPN+, not a sponsor. But I just forgot he's been good. So I've seen firsthand how good you can be. But it's not just points. It's kind of this whole package deal because this knee is fixed. It's crazy what happens when a guy plays these about injured. What have you seen past just the goal scoring? Yeah, I think for him, the most promising thing, he's kind of getting back to his strength and we've talked about it before that last year. It wasn't just the fact that Coyle wasn't producing. He just kind of didn't have that same trademark kind of coil game where even though he wasn't maybe racking up points, he was still holding onto the puck extending ozone possessions really kind of bullying past opposing skaters. You don't see that much last year. You're seeing it a bit more, and I think maybe the most encouraging thing is, you know, he's never going to be a guy that I think is going to really pep of the net or really get a lot of shots on goal, but he does seem to be a lot more comfortable in the ozone in terms of taking kind of those that initiative and taking those shots now granted, I think maybe it was helped out a bit by the fact that he moved over to wing wearing Craigslist was out, which you always kind of get concerned. I mean, I think maybe the most encouraging thing for coil in terms of producing points early is that it hasn't really been like an easy kind of just jumping into this second line roll, right? Like Smith is hurt, so then he's pushed to the wing. It's not like Taylor hall has really been on fire to start the year. So it wasn't like, you know, he was just put into the spot and he had two guys that were firing on all cylinders. He's just racking up secondary assists to what have you..

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