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Restrictions apply for complete details please visit optimum attacks relief dot com It's 9 38 Back to Jack and the traffic center who with some caution callers who were headed out I believe toward the airport Colin west found on the Dallas toll road between the bula wrote overpass and hunter mill road There was a truck unfortunately to hit some bumps and drop bricks down in the roadway so please be very careful 66 headed eastbound after 50 fairfax a broken down bus had been along the right side now east on 66 after nutley street another reported broken down vehicle also along the right side South on Reston Parkway and you're Bennington Woods road we earlier had one broken down along the left side and eastbound Arlington boulevard near Williams drive There we had a broken down vehicle in the right lane Now you're looking good on the beltway for now between Alexandria and McLean no real issues to speak of late on the George Washington Parkway Maryland beltway trying to clear out top side outer loop looking better from 95 toward Georgia avenue There is a road sweeping crew on the inner loop prince George's county I believe them now past 50 as you head down toward two O two they're working along the left side of the roadway Kennel worth avenue going south down your 50 There was an earlier crash that delay eased Hopefully everything's out of the roadway You'll find out at the bay bridge 50 going eastbound the work sound today will take away the right lane on the eastbound span but there's two way traffic already on the westbound span We're nice and quiet between the beltways 95 and the BW Parkway never reported late worries there Late issue in the district was inbound suitland Parkway before Stan road We had a broken down vehicle been a while since we've heard from anybody if that's still there The right lane had been getting by And there was a wreck on east capital street near 19th street Play new E instant games from the D.C. lottery immerse yourself in an interactive gaming experience and unlock the door to winning up to a $100,000 online anytime at D.C. lottery dot com Jack Taylor TOP traffic Let's check out that forecast Here's Mike to be a really nice day across the region lots of sunshine going to be breezy at times It's going to be warmer too Our highs mid 60s to lower 70s Fair skies and idle won't be as cold on lows will be in the.

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