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How are you today I'm great seems like we're. Getting some good news on that no sports fun though down. It's coming non as we'd like, but we're getting away. I thought we had a lot of different stories today and I thought it was fitting to lead with a coach. I think to good coach. His name is Vic Fangio. He's the coach of the Denver Broncos and I've actually in the last month, said I think Denver's going to surprise. People I think he's a really good head coach. But? That doesn't mean he can't be tone deaf. In timing is everything and Vic Fangio was talking about the current national topic of note, injustice and racism. And a lot of things he said, is I read the story. He supported all his players on the George Floyd death. WHO's very happy that many were protesting, but he also sixty one and white. Was Tone deaf and here was a moment of that. I think are problems in the NFL. Along those lines. Are, minimal WHERE LEAGUE OF MERITOCRACY! You earn what you get. You get what you earn. I don't see Racism! At all in the NFL I don't see discrimination in the NFL. We we all live together joined as one for one common goal, and we all intermingle and mix tremendously. So if the Society reflected in NFL team we'd all. Be Great. No racism at all. Well Again I think much of what he said he was trying to get right. But there's a difference between. Racism and institutional racism. All Greatness! It doesn't matter what you do. Dr Politician Football Coach radio host quarterback. It's all born from one thing talent. No, no! To Genetics? No, no, no, no, no! It's all born from opportunity. I mean I've worked hard and stuff. But I was in a small market. And given an opportunity in a big syndication network and I wasn't very good the first year. I was allowed to make a lot of mistakes. And nobody questioned whether I would make it I, had that it thing. What is that thing? We have thirty two NFL teams. Thirty one are owned by white owners. Changes slow. It's why we have a rooney rule and need ever Rooney rule. Because all greatness is born out of opportunity. Listen. I'm fifty five. I'm white. I got kids I ask questions. I've spent the week listening and learning. That doesn't stop after you go to high school or College. Some of this stuff I don't face. I don't see it up to blind spots. I've reached out to. People have never reached out to before. Just think about it. Thirty two teams, three black head coaches that doesn't line up with the demographics. Ron Rivera makes it for minority, coaches and coaching isn't like being running back or a left tackle. There are several steps you have to take to be given the opportunity to be a head coach in the NFL. First of all you have to be given a position coach. And, then if you're lucky, you're given coordinator job, and then if you're really lucky, the head coach and we always pay attention to the the head coach thing. But there's a term in the NFL that was used for years still is not as much, but still is. Good old boy network. Bob has been fired four times. He's a good old boy. Good plays a good guy, good old boy, hunting, good ole boy! We're trying to get rid of that term. Because to be a position coach, people in life I think of all races. We hire who we know. We hire our friends. We hire who were. Comfortable with. That's why the Rooney rule exists to give coaches opportunities. I'll give you a great example. Bill Belichick was fired. He's still got a great job. Andy Reid was fired. He still got a great job. pekair was fired twice. He got a third job. Take Todd Bowles coach of the New York jets, I've heard so many jets fans. He's no good really. He went to the New York Jess had an incompetent general manager. Is quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick then he got a rookie. The defense the minute he got, there was significantly better. The special teams couldn't score enough Oh. Yeah Tom Brady was in his division. Maybe you've heard of him. He's good and Bill Belichick the best coach maybe of all time probably. Bulls then his fired goes to Tampa becomes defensive coordinator. Do you watch Tampa's defense last year end of the year last six seven games may have been the in the league. They didn't have the best defensive players. Will Todd Bowles be given another opportunity. Are you gonNA. Tell me Todd, Bowles. has this new. York situation incompetent people around him. Not Great ownership incompetent GM. Doesn't have the quarterback right. Fired goes to Tampa once again. In a year defensive spectacular. Will he be given one more opportunity? The last two MVP's in this league. have been black quarterbacks. To be a quarterback in the NFL. You have to be allowed to be a quarterback at seven eight nine years old or in highschool. Those opportunities now are happening. In most of the country. In the last ten years. Mahomes Lamar Jackson given opportunities given the football in eighth grade. You run the team. It's your football team. You call the plays you make it happen. Those opportunities were not granted for a long time. You know it's the good old boy network. Listen there are parts of the NFL that are. Krissy. And, again I'm learning as we go this week. I have asked questions and heard long answers I'm not pointing fingers on this. I'm not trying to do a Gotcha like on social media. You said this years ago. This means you're if we are going to demand change then we have to allow people to change. But Folks Colin Kaepernick. Hasn't played football game. And what forty years people still get worked up over it. Still. Vic Fangio may have meant well. But this is all greatness coaches. All of them, it's all born from one thing. Who you know who your friends are who you're connected to. What are your opportunities? It's not a true meritocracy. Either if you listen Ashort, questions, listen to long answers either our country. All right I'm, GonNa go to this as joy said. We are there are hopeful signs we will get sports. In. July. I am a little disappointed in the NBA. They're saying now if the NBA goes to a game seven. It would be October twelfth so the NBA. Unlike baseball has never put its playoffs. Up Against the NFL baseball has asked him. How works if the Yankees are in it? Not Well. Because of budget shortfalls because of our pandemic economic situation. States are now passing legislation on gambling quickly. What does it mean? We Gamble on football. We.

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