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For listen to us happening tomorrow morning. Stay tuned at eight o'clock when some money on Orlando's morning news get keyword, heavy rain still moving through Orlando tonight. Another night of later showers will take a look at the interactive radar coming up lifting heavy spots are at first our top story. We're tracking the tropics as Mindy is formed in the Gulf of Mexico. It's currently a tropical storm tonight, National Weather Service meteorologist Jesse Smith. Says the storm is off the coast of the Panhandle system is expected to move on shore to the Florida Panhandle, probably west of Tallahassee, and then move across the Panhandle up into Georgia and then re emerge over the Atlantic Coast sort of Georgia South Carolina area, Smith says As it moves across North Florida overnight, we'll see increased rain chances here in central Florida. This is W de vio or Orlando turns first for breaking news, weather and traffic. Good evening. I'm Kevin. Reviews. We got a line of heavy storms moving through Orlando right now, as we take a look at the interactive radar starts in Deltona and then works its way south right through downtown Sanford Lake Mary really all along the 4 17 back through veto near UCF all the way down to Lake Nona in Orlando International Airport in Saint Cloud Seen a lot of heavy rainfall. It's got a heavier patch if you're right at Disney and Universal right now in Lake County, Claremont areas, seeing a lot of heavy rainfall, live local and loudest next, But as we continue our team coverage, new report says that Covid 19 case This is an Orange County are decreasing. The county Health Department says the new data shows as of September 5th. The 14 Day rolling average positivity.

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