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But the one turn mild changes the dynamic of it as far as it prep race is concerned simply because how often do you see a one turned prep as far as the kentucky derby is concerned this is not again when they move from the inner dirt to the main track and they added that second turf course it kind of change the landscape of the three year old certainly in new york but even now all of the sudden if you run in the most recent race and on top of my head it says slipping my mind right now is the withers and you know what a funny enough wherever you take a look at the route with with his right now you know throw it up there right now this is the stretch run of the weather's turning for home avery island forensic fire inperson now sergeant marconi on the outside finding his best cried there's an eighth of a mile to go every island is called on to finish the job he leads by two marconi and forensic fire both firing but every island maintains a comfortable margin with a sixteenth ago forensic fire crying so hard and second every island is simply too good anywhere the weather's by trust over two legs for insee firesack okay so avery island gets done before enzi fire comes back frenzied fire at nine furlongs and it gets a little bit pushing it we're getting to the very end there were stretch in thin but my my bigger point was would before i lost my train of thought with who which race it was the idea of going from nine furlongs to a oneterm mile back to nine furlongs for the wood memorial this is not a very fluid sort of transition and i think that's why you've got some connection shipping outta town looking is stay with the to turn races but also you get the beautiful scenario like a forensic fire that shows up here you get a horse like entice coming up from south florida one term mile free drop billy interesting move very very interesting move here with this horse because it looks like he was i think he might be still the best horse that romans has forged a three year olds are concerned i know promises fulfilled just won the fountain of youth last saturday down a gulfstream park but free drop billy to me gives off that vied that.

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