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Third and short of it high percentage plays for Jimmy growth for the past many were talking about many of his students from Seattle to get ready for the Niners and the Seahawks here on the sports here talk about obviously the Niners offense when on the flip side of it what's the buzz around March on Lynch in how the Seahawks will implore him tonight yeah I think everybody's time and I don't know that anybody really knows it and I would think the U. P. Carol in the DC arts coaching staff and Marshawn Lynch really don't know exactly how they're going to do it the forty Niners use the the hot the hot hand of philosophy in I would fully expect to the Seattle Seahawks do the same thing you know is Marshawn Lynch going to be in good enough shape to carry the ball fifteen times I kind of doubt it if he does I think there would be an element of diminishing returns where you know the the more he plays I think the less effective he will be because of the shape is has played football in fourteen months and I have a hard time believing that he's done all the things necessary from a conditioning standpoint over the past fourteen months to to get him ready for this opportunity now maybe I'm wrong on that I'd always worked out hard the last couple weeks but is that going to be enough to sustain him and make sure that that he can be a factor in the fourth quarter so I think it's gonna be a mix of Travis Homer Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin and basically whoever is performing well will be the guy that Pete Carroll the Seahawks stick with for mostly game wins diner line C. R. D. line and you know this is this is the concern I have believe it or not I would choose daily was going to be rock solid but this is the time of the year that if you win games like this your account of that should influence the Joe Staley and if you lose a game we got just is getting old soul juice daily sure look bad in thee gets cloudy last game he does she have to be thinks his taxes are healthier coming into this game who wins that battle natural line see your dealer I I go I mean to give you two answers I think the forty Niners defensive lineman wins and I think the for yeah forty Niners office of line wins I I just don't think Seattle is that good defensively up front and I think the forty Niners certainly has some quite should marks within garland at center and with Daniel Bryan still more than likely getting another start at right guard but I think the forty Niners tackles right now service place a pretty good football and they're feeling better than they have in a while if you re wind to November eleventh yet Staley coming off a broken leg and he just wasn't moving and Michael let's see what was not you know moving either he was rusty too because he was coming off an injury and today the plan he had the best gains of certainly of the season maybe of his career and he dominated the game well now I only see one coming out the entry core muscle injury in Seattle has been able to generate much of a pass rush in the thing this shocking is if you just see the Seattle Seahawks and November eleventh you'd think the cloudy is a candidate for NFL defensive player of the year Hey you then you look at stats you'll let the galley at three sacks entire year so something's gotta give and I think the forty Niners offense of line will do a good job Lisa tackles will do a good job of protecting GVG now it's up to those guys on the interior to make sure that if he needs to step up want to step up that he has a nice little pocket there to deliver the ball down the field there you go there's your trivia question if you're watching it with Seahawk fans watching the game today say they but you twenty Bucks you can't remove the Seahawks leading sack man is coming into this game and when they don't say regime green with or you can collect your twenty in St that'll out the door very good stuff will talk to you okay thanks as pre should enjoy the game you too let me go checking in from the league because the call at CenturyLink field in Seattle with the Niners have one since twenty eleven alright we'll talk about some of the keys to the game great pop is going to join a shortly for the broadcast booth we're here to kicking mule downtown Danville three forty hard Japanese stop by so you'll have to drink a full up a little bit later have worn something to drink and we'll be here all day and probably well into the evening of the sports leader detailed the excitement ladies that create lifelong memories forty nine is there is nothing compares to being there.

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