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A heart breaking new milestone I'm Lisa Brady fox news the number of deaths in the U. S. from the corona virus outbreak now tops fifty thousand part of a worldwide total of more than one hundred ninety thousand dead out of more than two point seven million covert nineteen cases it's not clear yet how much ongoing health concerns might keep Americans from venturing out even in states where restrictions are beginning to ease including Georgia allowing some close contact businesses like barbers and nail salons to open today Georgia Republican congressman Doug Collins this is gonna be a an opening that needs to happen but it's also an opening that we need to make sure people are comes with that's what the president put out the guidelines read if the Georgia governor's faced pushback including from the president for possibly acting too quickly before the two weeks threshold of lower deaths and other health factors are met several other states are easing restrictions today including Oklahoma and Texas were curbside retail pickup is now allowed the head of the World Health Organization appealing again for unity to defeat the virus at a meeting for global leaders expressed support for the group world leaders joining the World Health Organization indulging in efforts to accelerate work on drugs tests and vaccines against the corona virus the world needs these tools and needs them five WHL director general Ted just Adam gave me a service joined at a virtual launch event by leaders including Italian prime minister just sepi contagious finding and distributing the vaccine is the is the only way to win this battle but the US is not involved president trump has criticized the world health organizations handling of the outbreak in London Simon Allen fox news however U. S. officials expressing a continued commitment to effective international engagement despite a suspension of US funding for his America is listening to fox this report is sponsored by bill Plemons R. V. dot com continues with one oh six one FM talk governor Cooper extending the state wide stay at home order into may Richard Stalin reports he issued an amended executive order yesterday pushing the date back to may eighth responding to increase pressure from businesses for him to re open north Carolina's economy Cooper said medical data continues to show the state is not ready to re open yet the governor said there needs to be documented evidence of downward trends in the number of new covert nineteen cases reported as well as the number of hospitalizations and deaths I'm Richard styling department of health and Human Services secretary Dr Mandy Cohen talked about the specific trends they're looking at among them how long it takes the number of cases to double at first we were seeing a rate of acceleration of doubling every four days we've let the not to six days then eleven days and that's seeming even longer now she said they still need to further ramp up efforts though to test in trace new infections an employee at the for side county courthouse has tested positive for covert nineteen as a result officials there say they'll keep the courthouse closed until may fourth a man wanted in connection to a shooting near Raleigh St Augustine's university Thursday has been captured Assad you Burks was the subject of an afternoon manhunt Burke's vehicle was found eight miles away racked in north Raleigh he's being held without bond and ash Phil man is headed to prison for drug trafficking Jonathan Adams was sentenced to thirteen years after pleading guilty to conspiracy and possession charges connected to a methamphetamine bust the Panthers selected former Auburn defensive tackle Derrick brown with the seventh overall pick in the NFL draft brown totaled a hundred seventy tackles and thirteen sacks during four years at Auburn tonight the Panthers have the thirty eight and sixty ninth picks as the draft continues for more on corona virus go to the I heart radio app tap the podcast app for the latest news and information I'm Kyle.

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