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Packers been solid against the past so far the season ranking fifth nimbly giving a one hundred eighty eight point five yards but sixty twopoint sixty two completions in opponents passer reading of ninety one point two get getting defensive tackle mike daniels their best player a backup front will help both against the run and should improve the pants russia's well we expect daniels to play this week the reason some of these numbers are good is because the packers ballcontrol offenses left the defense on the field for just two hundred thirty flase aboard needs to seize opponents of called one andrew five running place a hundred and twentyfive boys against the packers defense they've been more effective running the football but nonetheless getting daniels back i think will solidify that packers ground defense while the dallas offense is struggling in third downs the season the packers defense ranked seventh in that category allowing their opponents converge just thirty six point two percent of their third down opportunities what are the big match up to the game obviously ezekiel elliott against the packers run defense zeeks numbers are off the season prepare to his leagueleading rushing totals of last year today he's ninth in the nfl rushing two hundred seventy seven yards just a three point six yard average belonging to thirty yards into johnstone's last year he averaged one hundred and eight point seven rushing yards per game this season sixty nine point three last week against the rams produced eighty five yards rushing with a touchdown down fifty four yards receiving unfortunate just he's much more a part of the passing attack this year that he was a season ago and is explosive in space so the packers have to be aware of that dimension a to the cowboys attack it really wasn't the case last year although you'd had just thirty to pass receptions all of last season and again his numbers are off primarily because he had a game in denver against the top not to denver run defense were yet eight yards on ninth aries that was in a novel he no question about it z gallagher a there's no injury problem he looks like he's ready to go i thought he showed great signs in that ballgame.

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