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Will now or never for the Memphis Tigers absolutely no room for errors in the Tigers will have to emotionally rebound after a tough overtime loss on the road to Cincinnati red buffalo wild wings swap chase the standard error and we'll be here all afternoon to the post game coming up with a corpse out pregame show day below to the mat down while the starters and keys that will scout the Huskies of twenty Matlock and have our history enable sit down coach and pretty far away it's the farewell trip to Connecticut for those tires in you as you conduct March for the big east after this season so the Tigers are looking a set amount of the loss of boron you kana members let's go to the XL center in Hartford the day will ocean and Matt Dillon good afternoon I don't want to give everybody the Hartford thank you Jeff the excel centre empty at the moment but it won't be for long for the first time in two years they have free sold out the excel centre for this possible final game between the Tigers in the Huskies the least we know to be the final game as conference partners penny will tell you a little bit that there is a chance that there could be a home and home so we may end up coming back to Hartford one day in the future but at the moment this is it and it's been a pretty darn good series for the most part close games in fact the average margin of victory for Memphis and Yukon in the state of Connecticut is three point two.

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