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At least a one hundred and sixty point inspection by factory trained technicians. So that any damage for warm parts repaired or a place to the manufacturer standards before you buy the vehicle. The Roseville automall driven to be the best. Support comes up to thirty from race. Don't newsradio. Sunny skies as we go through the afternoon. Temperatures will be warming into the lower sixties for daytime highs today wins will be anywhere from five to ten miles per hour. We'll stay clear overnight tonight with temperatures dropping off the thirties and another fine day Friday afternoon. Temperatures warming into the mid to low sixties KCRW meteorologists Turk for torn on NewsRadio. Kate became fifty eight in Sacramento next update to thirty. I'm kitty O'Neil NewsRadio cave. Sacramento's news, traffic and weather the top and bottom of every hour. Newsradio KFB. Iheartradio is now your podcast app. With over twenty thousand of the best podcasts, including iheartradio podcast award winners like podcast of the year. Slow-burn breakout podcast of the year. Armchair expert with Dax Shepard. And best crime podcast up and vanished. Find all the winners and thousands more. I heart radio and coming February seventh the Ron burgundy podcast game over your music. Your stations your podcasts anytime anywhere. In classic rocker in the rivers. Seven. Dog and show the morning. Classic rock. All. Three. River. Alison is perfect. I mean, she'd never tell you that. She's perfect. Allison, wait, are you texting and driving texting and driving makes good people bad. Visit stoptextstopwrecks dot org. Brought to you by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Ad Council. Then show is brought to.

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