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We what the Republicans do very very well is they demonize ups and they're able to do so with you know. Socialism that's all they gotta say, and then for some reason, we're afraid like, oh no well, you know there's a lot of things that a social policies social policies in this country like for example, the military, the police, the fire department, and so what they are very good at that and tell us a little bit about something you're setting up for more for the future. Talk about this pack that you were telling me about earlier. Yeah, absolutely. So what we're what we found when we're working with a lot of the candidates in rural America, there's two things that they need one is money. Everyone's going to always tell us money fine. It is everybody's GonNa say that from the Biden campaign on down. But what they also need is resources You know it's it's difficult to find campaign staffers and things like that to go out into parts of rural America to really help these candidates get get on their feet. So, what we've decided to do myself in our national spokesperson Richard. Odette Jada. Is launch a pack that no dumb left behind pack where the is this, we want to be able to train young people young staffers in terms of how to effectively run and operate a campaign in rural. America. So that when we start seeing the candidates that we WANNA get behind the community leaders, the veterans, the the high, the high school coaches and teachers. That, we want to support. What we could do is we already have a well-equipped staffer that we could send to them so that they could really guide them on their journey to running public office and we feel like that's something that really. We need to address, and if we're able to do a central location where training, these folks were able to get everybody excited about going out there we do a lot of damage that's I think that's a really incredible and worthwhile effort and I really appreciate you coming on and speaking with us today we've had one of your candidates on our show on our flip blue segment MIA Mason? Wonderful candidate and I I really appreciate what you're doing I. I would like to talk off line later about some of the other candidates maybe we can get on this platform to discuss what they're doing the specific needs districts in how you know how we can help and speaking of how we can help how can folks find you and what you're doing. Yeah no left behind dot com, you'll be able to. Learn. A little bit about the candidates and what the work that they're doing and obviously on twitter and D.. L. Be Twenty twenty. Look us up on facebook But yeah, the website is a great resource because you get to see the candidates you get to see. You know how many were supporting what the issues that they're running on and how you get involved. Awesome. I. Really. Appreciate you coming on today everybody executive director of no left behind Hassan. Martini. Thanks for speaking with me today. Absolutely pleasure. Thank you and we'll be right back with the good news from AIMEE Carrero. Everybody that's Ag and we all know our health is the most valuable thing we have. Especially nowadays, we're all focusing on.

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