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Hey, How are you today? Leo Laporte here. The That guy? Yes. Take time. Time to talk computers and you know the Internet Home Theater we could talk about virtual reality will talk about photography later. This today with Chris Marquart. Our photo guy Rod pile our space guy while I'm sure have stuff to say about Space. It's coming up, Sam Bible Samatar car guy in about 15 minutes. Yes, a big half on hour. I guess. A big big day a big day. Planned for us all. You want to call in the talk? You're really the star of the show. All you have to do is dial 88 88 Ask Leo. 8888275536 that is a toll free number, but only in the U. S. And Canada. If you're not in those two countries, you can still call. You just have to use Skype or something like that. That can call a phone number and it shouldn't cost you anything Since it's a Toll free number. 88 88 ask clear when you hear stuff. On the show. And you say I should write that down? Don't you don't have to. We were writing it down for you. Mr Scribe, Misuse crib. The guy in charge. The man with the pen James to Ruvo is writing it all down for you. And putting it up on the website. Tech guy Labs come so you could just go there. Search it. It's free. There's no sign up. You just walk right in, sit right down. The page. The website is divided into shows. So this is episode 1797. And he showed divided hours 12 and three shower into segments 123 and four You go right there. You'll even there's text now, but it will be is since James starts writing, but Wants to be audio and video from the show's later Later now, this week day after tomorrow, a zoo I'm speaking to you. Google's gonna have an event. And, uh, it's you know, it's their traditional Google. I o. The developer conference traditional except they skipped last year because a cove ID So I think they might have a lot to say we'll see. One of the things people are speculating about is that there will be New pixel phone that normally they announced those in October. But this seems like, Ah, good time to announce that if your Google all the buzz over Apple's iPhone 12 is where weren't off, there won't be a knife or 13 for six months. Wouldn't be a a fine time to release it, especially since Samsung released his phones every three minutes. So you know there's no um, we've seen from, uh YouTube. Uh, Rumor guy, John Prosser. We've seen pictures. Of a pixel and a pixel six pro Which looked very different. Very different. Um The camera bump. Is really more like a hump it is. It's also got a two tone design. It's gonna be. I think it could be very interesting three lenses. It looks like Third camera in the pro anyway on the back. So you know, that's all this is interesting. We'll find out Tuesday if they're gonna announce the new phone. If you're an android user, you might want to wait till Tuesday to find out because You know if you're in the market for a new phone, because pixels you know, classically are the you know the best example of what Andrea can be pure Google but also You know, for the last few years, they've legged in hardware design. They haven't been exactly the latest and greatest, But there's ah lot. Just think that this might be something very new and different. Not just the design. But Google's already said the next phone will have Google designed processors in it. Hmm. That's interesting. Rules. I'm processors will also be a look of first. Look it android 12. Which some say visually, at least, is the biggest update two Androids since lollypop went back in 2014 so Okay, so some really interesting stuff, maybe coming up. Who knows? You know Google can do all sorts of things that might NASA knew Chromebook who yell I have a feeling they've been taking a year off. Really? It was really slow last year. Not very interesting. Maybe maybe they're gonna make up for it with a burst of energy this year, so just, you know, heads up Tuesday. Should be interesting. Should be interesting. Uh, let's see what else is going on. Quitters looking at a paid version of Twitter. Most most of you are members of Twitter. Maybe some of you read Twitter. You know, it's a useful I don't you know, I don't tweet much anymore was all into Twitter when it first came out in 2006, But I've it's kind of worn out its welcome, especially the last few years. Uh, But They're in. They're always trying to figure out how they can make money. Right? How they can make money. And so this will be interesting they're working on. According to, uh A researcher. They haven't announced this a subscription service $2.99 a month. It's a lot three bucks a month. And I'll have an undue tweet function. How much would you pay to take back that? Mm. Maybe unfortunate thing You said just a second ago. Uh, it would be nice to have an undue tweets so Just to fix the spelling sometimes, right? So we'll look for that. That will be interesting to see We talk a lot about StarLink. This is the space six Elon Musk plan to put 12,000 satellites in orbit. 12,000 satellites Low Earth orbit very low Earth orbit satellites in orbit that will then give every square inch of the globe. Internet access. It is available now in pre release kind of a beta test. For some people in very limited geographic areas in North America. It's not cheap 500 bucks for the hardware, including the dish, which they called dishy muk dish face. I kid you not. That's the name She McTighe Smith dish face. Yeah. Iran is nothing if not a wag. And then 99 bucks a month for service. That really varies. It's certainly not for anybody who can get if you live in a metropolitan area, you know it's not gonna help you because For a lot less than that. You get much faster, much more. Reliable Internet access. But if you live in a rural area where you've really been struggling And that really is the hope for StarLink is it's going to bring Internet to places. You know that haven't really been able to get very good Internet It might be worth it 99 bucks. The speed seemed to range. You know, between You know? Well, it's supposed to be around 100 megabits, and sometimes it gets even up to 200 megabits Christ some users and sometimes it goes down well below that. Maybe 2, 80 or 90, or 50 year. Kind of depends. And Neela Patel has a review of it on the verge. He lives in Upper New York state, So he was very interested. His headline Broad brand dreams fall to Earth. Space X is satellite Internet services, a technological marvel when it works. Kind of cool, dishy Mick Dish face Ames Auto aims itself towards.

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