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Them how he feels i think you might be surprised i mean it depends on how dot maddux jr but i i know if one of my kids came to me like i was an upset at all to hear jake save that he's the complete you know i'd be a minute ap at a stymied that i think everyone form and his or her opinion oh you didn't know that about i actually did it i thought that was a little more like kind of spiritual or an spiritual but that means i believe in like the beauty of these the universe and life more then i don't believe that god did anything and it i think the world's crazy in cool enough on its own without being like some some somebody paraded it in six days that's okay that's true yeah spry closer to seven right because you calgary as the rest which you do like your view already you got to let your muscles grow guided blow your load on six four days without a single rests but it like he created the world in six days in on the seventh a he rested than did the rest of the eighth to be a fitting end up about cricket like you grain in six six there's and then you've been arresting and then they have with your time abreu like what's the new is dude guy again a new world and anyone been losing animals when the dud so no it's a deal for a smart me little eight eight year old was asking you that and sunday school yeah yeah that's not you know missed thing i mean which is we can who up another with ultimately fired for you would stop and really and early willie willie willie willie in nearly so i i'm sure you just say don't fucking do any of this stuff yeah i mean you're going to stop this is going to be a part conversation have their parents in two years as he might as well dislike started now but you got a certain like this kid is still before a team like you still want to he preschool and stuff you have i figured out at a certain age thirty with i guess the he was glad it it when i was like thirteen twelve or thirteen thirteen yeah but i don't think i was doing anything i didn't want.

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