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Rosenstein, Congress, GOP discussed on Battle Lines


Rosenstein and christopher wray are we getting closer to that possibility as as dramatic as that might sound that seems like such an extreme step blackout three quarters of these documents and that goes on for years as you know what people in joking around i love you will understand we're not joking around there are seperation of power options here that are available to congress and they are absolute the supreme court back this leveraged you know years and years ago when it ruled that without said leverage congress would quote be exposed to every indignity and interruption that rudeness caprice or even conspiracy may mediate against it the the big question is will the establishment dominated wing of the gop ever collectively grow the pair necessary to use these still very available options if in fact we're talking about a component of the executive branch essentially only trying to usurp the separated power of congress but also trying to buck the insistence of their own boss who's head of the very separated power in which they dwell i mean at one point or another i think trump needs to ride up on the scene and say hey idiots comply or we're going to let the worst happened to you that can happen or am i overstating this raiders of the consistent with your bombers ministry had all been gentleman's agreements polite understanding the mall what are you really doing to make this work and hopefully you have to go to the point where people in jail but that's basically what they will challenging congress to do more on this podcast.

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