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Four in irvington one forty eight. In Bloomfield of moving construction till six AM at alternate side of the. Street parking rules are in effect for today. Non-royal smart. And our next deport is at twelve twenty one on danton wins. Now the AccuWeather forte forecast for that we go back to meteorologist Carl babinski, Carl little or not at all. And Carl babinski. Are you with us now? Yes, I am sorry about that. We are currently just having a conversation with my manager about temperature forecast, we made last week, which weren't off by that much. But hey just we strive to be too perfect here. Sometimes anyway, on this Monday morning. We are currently in the upper sixties in it is raining thunder. Lightning occurring ten ten wins Doppler radar showing some of these stronger storms impacting the city's northern and western suburbs. There are currently no warnings in effect that may change. But for the time being no warnings are outright. Now, temperatures are expected to be in the upper sixty s at daybreak and they're still could be a shower and thunderstorm capable producing the hard downpour then for later today, it will warm up quite a bit, highs should be in the mid eighties. It'll be quite warm and humid, again gusty thunderstorms possible, especially north of the city this afternoon that will be caused by strong cold front. That'll be pushing through once that front does move through tonight. Our temperatures will be in the upper fifties, it'll cool down quite a bit will be less humid. On tuesday. But some sun and a breeze. High seventy one we're looking nice with highs in the low and mid seventies, Wednesday and Thursday. Right now, it is raining lightly, and it sixty nine degrees. Relative, humidity ninety percent the wind and light and variable branding, sixty nine degrees. We're headed down to sixty seven and midtown. Maquis with meteorologist curb of ski on New York's weather station, and ten wins wins news. Time twelve thirteen and identity thief almost stole my friend's home. Bill O'Reilly here with a warning about home title theft, your home Thailand mortgage or online.

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