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All right. So nobody's gonna survive a trip. Like this you're insane. But here's massage with you. Good to talk to the Palestinian Authority. And then the meeting with al-qaeda on Thurs where what what country in Israel Israel, had a higher concentration allies. It's not what's called Israel. It's in the West Bank, Israel, a higher concentration of Islamic guerrillas any place in the world. And the border. Roundedness, and and gave me the speech and said. Here's here's what's going to happen. Here's the password which are going to see and and what you're gonna experience through that that gate there. And it's the last ever see and. And. To to do and was greeted with a whole series of guns all held at my head. I got in the car and they drive wind folded about half. I was not and was taken into what can only really be described as a as a dungeon. It was a it was a a basement underneath a building that very low sea-lanes, no windows, one one lightbulb in the center and one table in the middle of that real. So it was like a Hollywood set. Yes. It was really creepy. And I sat down at that table the first three men game. And they're all wearing would look like American military, uniforms. They were carrying what appeared to me to be an AR fifteen. Version of American military rifle, and they they decided they were interviewing me I there. So they'd ask what happened last night? See, I watch the news horrible. We did. Can't be should we did? Twelve women and children. Israeli woman told her on a bus on the way to manual and the actual was blown off the bus. So the bus was disabled and these men wearing military uniforms were standing outside the bus. They they talk to their women and children on the bus stop while. They were there to help them. As they exit the bus. They blew author point blank range twelve women and children high juice shaken hands with. Dreaming who the night before had murdered children? They were proud of it. They told me they were not terrorists because they were that they had used their weapons to. These jews? And they said, you know, what we got this uniforms. These guns where we were trained. United states. Dr debate they were taken to how they were getting the uniforms who provided the bullets that were used to blow off the women's children's heads. Well, given the United States. Part of the training of the Palestinian Authority. So they would have a police force and military presence. It was horrifying. And as I did the justification for what they did in the Koran, and that was the first three of what was about twelve Mckee hottest with Al Qaeda that I met with that evening, and they all had the same answers. Mohammed on behalf of Allah had ordered them to do these things and that they would continue to to kill. And this was the best way to express their religion. And they continue to cite chapter and verse from the head which reports for Mohammed and his companions on the Koran. I wrote down everything they said. And as that meeting concluded I realize that now I'm in a position where I need to do what no one seems willing to do these men corrupted. Their religion are has their religion corrupted them does the Koran and heavy really say this. And if it says, it is it something that they they managed to take one bad verse out of a sea of really good ones or this to the overall theme as they seem to say of their book, I'm guessing it was the ideology the corrupted them, absolutely. As a matter of fact, when you read the Koran and the hattie's there's one undeniable. It's impossible to be a good Muslim and not be a terrorist. All good Muslims are terrorists. That's not all Muslims are terrorists is a lot of bad Muslims out there. Got a clue who Mohammed was or what he did. Or how he lived in. Arabia. Despicable. I have no idea the Mohammed was a terrorist. He lives seventy five terrorist writes, he was a rapist who was a pedophile. According to scriptures, the earliest, the most credible. Islamic scriptures. Have Mohammed is the most the most evil men, whoever left. You know what I'm speaking. With a bunch of authorities on on that religion. Ben people from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. I'll I'll be very brief. With those sounds to me like Mohammed was this guy got himself a crew together. And he goes these villages and say, we'll take care of your problems with this other village over here. But after that, you ride with us now, of course, you don't want to. That's okay. We'll just kill all of you will go make the deal with them. Are you interested and they went well? Yeah. Sure and his crew grew and then I guess it morphed into some sort of religion as as megalomania began to soar out of control closing returning. If you just want to understand Islam, all you have to do is read the eighth chapter of the club. The chapter the cars the first was revealed during the Islamic era Mohammed was booted out of mecca in shame over The Satanic Verses. And when he got there. He was destitute. The group that went with them didn't work, and so they needed and they hated the Mexicans who had booted the mountain as a laughingstock after the semantic versus. So they came up with the idea that they could rob a Meccan caravan. And so this was a civilian enterprise. There's no no armies in mecca. There's no police. There's a bunch of working traders, and they laid a trap for them. And the eighth throw the Koran talks about Mohammed wanting to do this for no other reason than that was just so motivation, and he murdered. Any tortured them any rob them? And he justified everything he did with Cheney and his God's approval, but Islam was created just the same way as a mafia. It was it was armed robbery end justifying armed robbery and Mohammed would lead another seventy five terrorist rates at every one of those rates was trying to rob civilians and terrorize them and to spread the the the booty amongst those who would war with them and even included rape. Always got the prettiest girl whose husband dad killed and after Mohammed got the pick of the prettiest one to rate. They play the game at lots per who got to the rest. It was despicable who's this guy. But psalms Awadhi he writes, this thing the deception of Craig win revealed just contradicts himself all the way through it. You'll this is permitted. Possible to to challenge profited. Oh, my first book is called P what's terrorists because the meeting I had with al-qaeda and the other terrorist groups, it got so heated that the host of the meeting decided to bring in thinking that if if they were holding a hot beverage ceramic Cup that the likelihood of them pulling the trigger guns were somehow muted, so. That was called is my second book was called profit don't profit of down is based entirely on the scriptures. And so he's trying to review property, but he can't refuse the single word of it. Because a hundred percent of property them to take the Koran reorder Colonel logically based upon the two historical high collections of had these that were written by Mohammed companions shortly thereafter, his his death. And so I use the head with the chronological biographies of Muhammad and the and the beginning of his all to reorder with the Koran which is just a jumbled mess chronologically decided it into the context of life. And so all I quote is the Islamic Keti and the Koran. And.

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