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But that story hit you like a sledgehammer and here's why you should. We watch movies because oftentimes when you re watch, I think there's a greater likelihood. If you re watch a movie that you saw decade or two decades ago that you won't like as much meaning. If you watch goonies again, a greater likely, you're gonna go. Remember when I was twelve. It's a rarity, and that's why give extra points. We're like vertigo that when I saw it was twenty to see that very good movie. I can. So people like it, especially film gigs nowadays, four dago man. A movie. I understand why it reaches a different level for those who haven't seen vertigo. The story is this, it's about a detective who suffers from a case of vertigo after he sees someone fall to their death as he was trying to help him. Outside in the in the f. o.'s of police work. So he sees a guy fault was death ways hanging onto a building. And obviously that gives the guy severe vertigo. So we have to leave the police force. He then gets a job from a friend of his says, can you tell my wife? I think she's being channel by the spirit of someone else because I know it sounds kooky, but she's doing stuff that this woman a lot of alleged did like decades ago, sentencing Francisco and the sequence where Jimmy Stewart is following her around everyone. I thought my twenty s I was like, this is pretty boring. Like I don't understand this. He could just chop this part out. There's no dialogue. It's five minutes of a guy following the woman. Now when I watch it, I go God. This could have been like twenty minutes. It's so well done because he shows the guy falling in love with her by being a voyeur, which is, of course a theme that Hiscock done before with with your window. But when you're watching the, he's if he's falling in love the right following what she's doing, ends up saving her life because she thinks that she's this other woman who commits suicide saves her life. Now he falls in love their. She's falling in love with him, and then she ends up running away. From him, but says to him before they go to this clock tower, just know this wasn't part of the plan. This is and he's like, what do you mean? Like? I'll save you protect your fighting these spirits. But I'm here with you. She runs away, jumps plunges to her death. So this is about an hour fourteen you like, oh my God, and this is my favorite parts is the doctor when he's describing when the doctors describing his ailment is telling his friend midge who's at interesting, secondary character there wants together on the movie is very subtly mentioned the fact that Jimmy Stewart's character singling once says, this character midge, hey, what we engage when Tom McKay and I'm still available as she gives them this great look, it's so subtle. But anyways, that's his best friend. This woman and the doctor says, he suffered from an acute case of melancholy. I'm like, well, that's not exactly a medical term. But yes, he's depressed, his broken heart and he's suffering for all this guilt. And then one day he sees a woman that looks just like the woman that he fell in love with. And this is where the movie just goes to different level, and he just begging to take her out to dinner as if you look at this woman that I know and she's like, understand, like what kinds of spend some time with you just want to be. Around you, which for anybody was everybody law like, that's what I feeling is like I just like being in your space, and that's what he's saying. I just I just, you remind me, she's like, she died, didn't she? He's let's just, let's just get like all by Durham. Okay. Susie leaves on the voice over comes. She's writing a note. It is the same woman, and this was a plot that was done by this man to kill his wife. So he hires this woman to look like his wife fall in love Jimmy Stewart. And then when he's running up the stairs because she knows he knows that he suffered some vertigo. He will not be able to get her to the top. The husband is already there with his dead wife, throws her off the building and takes this woman. You know, five other spot knowing that Sturt will not get to the top. Is any of that make sense danced..

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