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You can download every podcast of blocking of dollar right there on the ESPN Chicago Act. Download the podcast, all right. Like a balancing. We have breaking news tonight. Ryan Pace and Mad Maggie will be returning to the Chicago Bears in 2021. I would assume there's going to be a press conference tomorrow at some point tune into Captain Jay Hood tomorrow at 7 A.m.. They will have you covered. They will let you know all the information who's speaking when they're speaking up at how assault And and, more importantly, what is going on? And what's the direction of this franchise? You're bringing back direction. We know the direction we know that. Well, okay, you know, I was coming back. But listen, that's the direction So I'm interested in hearing what they're saying how they're going to fix the quarterback position What they're doing with their issues with the salary cap. All this stuff is important s So tomorrow there will be Likely a press conference at some point since the news is already out there that Ryan Pace and Matt Maggie are coming back in 2021 Bears fans Wanna talk 3123323776. All right way. Have a lot of calls. Okay, So if we do this math, we've got five minutes left. We've got 10 lines. We got to get through most like 20 seconds. A line. I know that math is up. But then we get you know, we gotta go through me and I'm taking time talking right now. Tonight. Tonight's elect the first one in West town. How about tone? Both who booed boat? You're on its own bone. What's up? What? Okay. This isn't kind of surprised. You guys, right? Put yourself in George's shoes in the plate of the McCaskey family. They just got done paying off dressing. Let's not forget about John. Fuck. Ping off another year of pace and two years of Maggie and then sign another head coaching GM to multiyear I don't know. They want to get in the first in line next year when there is no doubt so they can get Ayten Man Hin. You guys overpaid man, Tom Bones. Did you do a voice for Maggie as well? You know, and then idiot to try and do something like that. I can't do that. Shut out the tone bone next to the phone call man. People taking people on Peyton Manning home like force here on ESPN. 1000. We don't have time to waste palm like force. Go ahead. Hey, guys. Great show first Reason bears then run anymore cause muscle working in Khandala Bull Rush. Maggie didn't know that I knew it. They ran three plays off guard with a minute 47 to go in the first half. Number two Mitch to New England. Three years 65 mil. You guys won't have anything to complain about him next year. Third point revenues are gonna tank in all pro sports. Otherwise, Jerry Reinsdorf wouldn't be shooting for the moon with white socks. You're not going to be able to go to a game unless you can show you had a vaccine that's going to kill and in game attendance. And the Bears on Lee existed. 22 families who go to the end of their, uh Driveways once a month to get their dividend checks. You got 30 year old Ares. You don't know the difference between a football in a boxy ball and Ted Phillips is there to make sure that money is not spent. So that their bottom line is message that they can live. That kid who was crying is right. There's do not care about you. Thanks for the call. Paul. We appreciate that. Paul in Lake Force, Eric in Indiana. You're on ESPN 1000. What's up, Eric? Look something with their gossip, since the thing with the best is bad decision. The father be smooth, has not doing better said that you look at the tickle earlier with Mr eventually, and Maggie earlier this season was talking about how crazy it would be to pick up, I guess with some options. Mr Biscuit. I would have paid him like 25 million. It's out there, But look at him now. Okay? What you're gonna do Mr Desk today, either have to sign him to some lowball multiyear deal with the Bears often will probably trying to do Most of this gift smart any son in that, But the friends have to go and then you gotta play. It would it would be like 27 30 million So he's not gonna just sit there these from 12 years we were while he will speak out a new quarterback and taking.

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