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I feel like as a kid there could be a horn is the wrong word because it's too grown up. But there's like a level of that feeling that you could have. But I think it's more about like really subtle nuance stuff. And that the anything above that line is just like weird. And makes you feel bad like Garth talking about how he used to climb the ropes in gym class. I thought it was really cute, and I had a crush on him for saying that. But I didn't know why for sure like the gratuitous sex scene as it is named not like could actually that gratuitous like that was kind of just like silly because they don't they're wearing their grows. He's joking around. But like anything of that? I think I would have hated. Absolutely. I think that like being a little. Lisa growing up. I was consistently. If I saw especially in the movie therapy like there are children present inappropriate. Also, if it's not played for a joke or giving us something else to it. I'm like, what is this really, exactly sure? Just tell me these people connect on an emotional level and move on to see this. I was interested to see who was on the groom's side of leading the way. Oh, yeah. It's just he tells what home tos Barney to go sit on the groom side to fill it out a little bit more on his only like one old Nazi sitting in ferns aside. Wearing the Kaiser helmet. That's another joke that I would definitely not have gotten as a kid. So I guess that's funny stuff funny for comedy. I liked just funny because doesn't only one person, but there's so many things as upset remembers laughing at the rhythm of totally it's like that one especially and then like all the references to like Jimmy Durante. It's all just like the rhythm of it. We loved it was hilarious. But I didn't know what. And then around here, I feel like maybe a child when those deep cut references. I started to understand what they were doing because it's all the graduate. And even though I had not seen the graduate as a child. I like head sort of, you know. Taken in through us, Moses, cultural smo-, just know what year was this. And what years wings were? Look up to. This is nine hundred ninety four to ninety three. So this would have sightly after. So I wonder do like do they just have to plan and nation foreign advanced they just both want to do this at the same time like. Funny funny. I will say my personal connection to this specific seen is when my husband, Mike, and I got married we got married at the silent movie theater. And so our rest in peace asylum theater. I hope it comes back, but we cut together scenes from some of our favorite movies to play before walking down the island all that stuff. And the first bit is from Lisa's wedding and maggie's about to speak, and then, you know, Hugh comes in and goes to the wedding has been called off. And then you know, and then like going through all the stuff, but I have both the MRs booby eighth thing..

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