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Can have the biggest pop song is due ALITA. Don't start now don't show. Don't jam one four and the number one kid song is from Bobby Bones and the raging idiots? Wash your hands there. We go number one. Maybe maybe Charlotte retired up and those are the biggest songs right now. Let's go over to Morgan number two. Who is in quarantine at her house? Self corn team she has. What's up on the PODCAST Morgan? What's happening blow? Your Birthday party got cancelled or postponed for the time. Being just you can hear in. I prefer to use the word postponed. Of course April. Second coming up my birthday bash. Apparently now postponed all right. What else. There is some controversy over the latest draft and we had to change them rules. It's it's fluid. This is a competition as fluid. Unbelievable but you can hear that in the podcast. What Else Taller Jordi talked. About cancelling her wedding in. May She wanted some advice on what she should do grey. We did that. What else and you the power at your house. I'd Corona got into my house. I think it was more than the power of the Gut. You got we got. It went so much deeper than just the more definitely some inner reflections from that when did trigger some stuff. Yeah all right Morgan number two is that it yup. That's it all right. And how are you doing at home? I'm doing dead? I haven't left my house beside to take my dog out to go to the bathroom so I am truly in my house for the long haul. She's in her house for the long the short haul or medium. Long haul all right. Morgan appreciate you. Stay on the line please. Let's see amy what's going on today. I mean Just working for my house. I think I'm going to organize a few things and I do have to figure out some medicine for my dad. He's out of A couple of his drugs which normally I go pick up and drop to him no problem but I just need to make sure we've got those and then I think I just leave them at the Front for him so maybe I'll see him today or tomorrow like through the window. He told me to call him when he's there and he'll come down and wave at jail when you touch the glass. Yeah what about you? It's it's a weird question now. But what do we do we do? But I think Eddie was gonNA come over and play video games again today. It's a whole different life. I live when I had like ninety four things. I might yawn video game person. Okay I thought you were buying it so you could do headset. Mic is coming over into the bobby cast. But but there's a great one that we put up last night. Were Eddie and I are talking about. Biggest. Musical feuds which Eddie didn't know the Luke Bryan Zac Brown. Why did and it's on the show to we talked about with them. I know but I don't remember it. It was way early. Yeah And then we had Matt Jones who is from Kentucky Sports Radio who who when I say Kentucky Country Music who comes to mind Kentucky Kentucky WHO COUNTRY MUSIC. I don't know Chris Stapleton. Okay I just wondered who you think. I didn't think a Single Person Loretta Lynn. Okay Yeah I just wondered. We talked about that and he picked US five. Quarantine songs which we're doing with you as a pretty funny guy. Yeah so yeah. Check out the latest bobby cast. There's this whole show. And there's bobby cast check it out. We'll see tomorrow by everybody site and Grab Bobby Bones your ACM breath. Bobby repeats of the year baby.

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