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So I thought it was a really good throw a good catch. But the play made by Jonathan Jones, ripping the ball out was outstanding second down and ten at the forty eight yard line of New England. Stafford in the shotgun as two receivers to the right? Single wide leftist golladay Johnson the running back to his right way action. Stafford pocket stepped over to the right side. Throws over the middle. Caught by Golden State tape fights his way down to the thirty yard line and eighteen yard gain on the play Jonathan Jones hanging on for dear life, but that was a strike by Stafford step into his right and a laser beam the goal to take it was beautiful pocket. Awareness, Ricky, Wagner, the right? Tackle took van noy washed them down in front allowing quarterback staffer shuffled who's right? Extend the play and what a strike the wide receiver that was beautiful offense. Terrific start for the lions on offense down to the patriot thirty yard line into scoreless. I look Garrett want back in now is the single back Lucerne plus to receivers stack to the right? Single wide left Marvin Jones junior Stafford under center on the left hash toss. Played a block wanted some trouble in the backfield able to break a tackle gears back to the left and fights his way back. To the original line foods band of losing a yard back to the thirty one yard line and was van noy who is about eight yards of the backfield on that toss plan once fortunate the only lose a yard and that was their best offense a play last week what they called a crack toss meeting wide receiver cracks down on the defensive end in the tackle polls. I think Kyle van noy read the whole thing because of formation and got up before the wide receiver contract back on them. So now two receivers to the left single wide to the.

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