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Don't forget you be unhappy leads download the wpro apt to the device of your choice in thickest wherever you go speaking of wherever you go you know i want you to go to weeks from tomorrow that would be oh rubio's on route five in warwick where it is the grass show fantasy night while man scot graeme lee will be there graham like a part of the group of the football little roddy on this show i don't know of grumbling whenever be literaty however i read for them the are well yeah exactly publisher magazines no i would just take him up right on most days considering this guy can uh drinks of people under the table fancy football as well as any he's uh he's a quality human being being as well whites gambling cigars and boos gifted that bad in fancy football season experts on your neighbors gramley and i think you need to like gambling if for no other reason that most of the letters of their gambling with graham gone really rights itself under the exactly you'll need to be literate to figure that one out i once uh insulted his brother gary who works at sports illustrated by saying that uh gary was the most successful of the graham wing brothers and he said oh thanks that's a low bar uh because his other brother was in the fancy football business as well so there are three of these degenerate graham when boys boat we've got scott coming to the aggression fantasy night public the ringling brothers on a pretty much so might as well be well the only takes the pants off it's a dummy utero it's on at that point on august twenty four it is to thursday's from tomorrow so here's a were looking for it listen if you're planning on coming through this event.

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