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He me he he failed me he betrayed me senator kennedy you have mentioned our commitment to israel and of course many people think that the middle east will be the next break powder keg and bring the next great confrontation between the east and west senator kennedy you this past week propose that we send fifty jet fighters to israel it's adam jeff think that's why you down to that we can be at the time i guess yeah remember writing this you so you don't even have any color anything nother single maybe maybe i am crazy really i can't explain it dr pollock gave up on trying to get sirhan to remember writing about killing kennedy and his notebook and began to explore the shooting itself remember that you remember how to understand what went on that's coming up after the break hey bill zach what do you think about alarm systems i like do you have an alarm system we do you know sometimes it's a little annoying because it tells people that the house is burning down but i'm just sort of burning the pot so sometimes the alarm goes off when it's not supposed to and then then the learned people call and i have to give them a special code number but if i don't remember the cote number that call the police anyway even if i begged them not to i mean there's one very obvious solution for this which is you can learn your security code but beyond that there's simply safe simply save is really good home security that's really accurate avoiding false positive correct they actually constructed a glass break test facility they ran over ten thousand live glass break simulations refining their detection technology until it was so accurate it could distinguish between a broken plate and a broken window that's important these guys obsess over the details it sets them apart from other security companies simply safe system is designed so you'll never notice it never have to think about it it's that easy and intuitive lucky for you bingo and you know what there's no contract mosul you're not locked into these people now it's fifteen bucks a.

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