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Five goals gave five goes eight Yankees, also six two and twelve and two in the playoffs in regular season after a law. So yes, they're going to Tony. They have no turn it. But to become a prop him up and stopped taking stupid penalties. Tony your best shorthanded attack. Has to be your goaltender being great. They have no choice but to put him in and he's a great story. He was like eighth on the depth chart. He's great story. But you know what? The Bruins are five and five in a row on the road in those five and the outscored the opposition, twenty two four and the blues embedded at home. They're five Laurie. Now right now, the blues are going to win tonight. Windsor night to even the series at Bennington going to be great. There you go. Jim money down put your money down here. Wait, let me get some money, get some money. Blue money's down. Let's take a break, but still to come that shows refuse to come out of the game. How does that can make more tina's look national this? So funny, should tiger feel good about the US open after his top ten finish at the memorial money I got five bucks on the Bruins tonight confidence, five bucks. Do you what do you got on the blues? I'm put a. It's male time as always all of the questions are sent in by legendary actress Angela lansbury. Let me get the first one is a little lansbury really did David Moore, tina's, Looksmart or soft for not pulling shares her when he wanted to give you most of the time on this because this is so near and dear to your heart. I'm just gonna say, I, he probably looked soft and after shares say Gaddi, then he looked smart because it turned out, okay? Because he struck out the suing batter. But you tell me what you think mister net. This is exactly what I think that David Martinez knew that he was going to go out there and max was going to tell them to turn around and go back into the dugout and scream. No, I'm not coming out and in strikeout, Joey vodka, which is exactly what happened with his one hundred twentieth pitch of the game. And then you get to Sean Doolittle opening up the ninth inning, which is what Dave Martinez wanted matches. And, you know, I think this. This is the most competitive, the best teammate, the biggest star in all sports in Washington DC. And I think this worked out very well for match. Sure. Zor and for Davey Martinez and I haven't been Dave Martinez. He knew what was going to happen. That was fine. Will on that is the sixth time in his career. He said, fifteen or more strikeouts than unbelievable. Number good. How Tiger Woods feel heading into the US open. I mean everything went well yesterday. Tony all the numbers say he another uptick physically if he feels as he looked yesterday. That's the most important factor. I mean he's got to feel pretty good, and I know going to pebble that makes them feel great. He loves Pebble Beach, but, you know, he's going to go in there with the monsters. Tony in great form. So I he's gotta be cautiously optimistic. This is this is what I want to get to what you just said. He's going in. There was some monsters. Tiger said the other day that he wants to return to more traditional US open. He wants the rough to be very, very thick. Anyone's the fairways to be narrated. Why would he want that because he sprays the driver with the reasoning want that is he? Us driver, he'll use high or he'll use any would and he'll see hill ended correctly. Whereas the Brooks is industrial Johnson's in the world, they try to overpower everything. And if they really rough really thick roughly does not work for them..

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