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Boston city. Councillor, michelle. Woo says she and her colleagues behold a hearing on the issue. She says even a small fare hike is a tax on the people who can least four continue to make it harder for people to ride the T. We are going against nearly every goal that we have said as a city at a Commonwealth board members. Aren't saying anything official about a fare hike. But the law gives them the right every two years to raise fares. One person is dead after a rollover crash on route twenty four in west Bridgewater. State police say the victim was the only person in the car crash happened this morning on the northbound side of twenty four near exit sixteen the left and middle lanes of highway were closed. But if since reopened the crash is under investigation longtime Trump associate Roger stone will be arraigned Tuesday in federal court in DC. He's been indicted on seven charges including making false statements to congress CBS news political reporter, Ed O'Keefe explains what the special counsel's office is trying to do. They are trying through those documents to show people. Look Manafort did this allegedly Michael Flynn did that allegedly George popadopoulos was over here. Doing this other thing. Now, Roger stone clearly was trying to bring together in their view Wikipedia, thus the Russians and the Trump campaign through him. Stone says he's being falsely accused and the investigation against him. Is politically motivated. Well, some big changes are coming to YouTube. Youtube says it will stop promoting videos supporting sham science and other misinformation such as flat earth videos and other conspiracy theories YouTube announced it will stop suggesting material it deems harmful or borderline content flat. My reality my sensors, tell me that the earth is flat and stationary YouTube, which is owned by Google has been accused of pushing viewers towards troubling content. Facebook and Twitter say they will take a similar approach to filtering such material on their platforms. Dave Schreiber ABC. News ahead. A sports football fans in New Orleans are holding a grudge. They're still upset about a penalty referees missed toward the end of the saints Rams championship game last weekend. Billboards that read they reffed up referee voodoo dolls and posters of blindfolded. Referees can be seen around the city some fans and business owners are planning to boycott the Super Bowl with several bars. Are saying they won't show the game. It's one twelve with more on sports now, let's turn to WBZ's Charlie Sherman. Thanks Garo watch out for those voodoo dolls, by the way, Celtics against the Golden State Warriors tonight at the garden Celtics have won five in a row. The warriors have won nine straight. The NBA all star games a couple of weeks and in that game in Charlotte. They celtics. Kyrie Irving will be a starter as he was selected for the first team plenty of all star action today and and tomorrow the best of the National Hockey League gonna take the ice tonight. It's the annual all star game in San Jose, California. Just one member of the Bruins there. David pasternack. He was selected to participate last night in the skills. Competition. Pasternack won the accuracy crown hitting five targets in eleven seconds. And while the patriots head to Atlanta for the Super Bowl, the NFL Pro Bowl takes place tomorrow afternoon in Orlando, Florida despite making it to the third straight Super Bowl only two members of the pats were selected to the Pro Bowl team Tom Brady, and Stefan Gilmore one more college football all star game today as the north meets the south in the senior bowl game taking place in mobile, Alabama after two rounds at the farmers insurance. Open at Torrey Pines in California. Justin, Rose, sits atop the leaderboard with three shot lead over a decade Matsuyama. Tiger Woods is eleven shots behind and a couple of weeks ago. The Tampa Bay rays announced that they were closing the upper deck at Tropicana field. Reducing attendance to just twenty five thousand now they've decided your cash is no good. If you wanna see the race play the drop will be cash, free and only credit cards mobile pay and raise gift cards will be accepted management says this will increase the speed of service and reduced lines throughout the ballpark. That shouldn't be an issue as many fans show up rays games. I must be playing the Red Sox or the Yankees. I'm Charlie Sherman WBZ Boston's NewsRadio..

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