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One possession game. We're down three. Florida comes back with Appleby and lock man pain onto Ruchi. Bacon will inbound Wheeler in the backcourt. Severe letting it bounced directs traffic. Now, here we go. Front side offense for the dogs who will work on the left in from our vantage point in front of their bench. Go toe. Fagan Right off. The bat was passed to the corner hit the underside of the backboard. He was up in the air, trying to pass it to higher and it reflects down the Florida Gators with the ball. Appleby jumper got it to go right in the circle. Good. Out. The second half starts Appleby with his second basket of the ball game, and it's 44 39, Florida Fagan holds between two circles for the dogs looks to his left pushes it one handed over to a wheeler that way. Reverse the ball into the right corner. Tomorrow comes out of the corner finds Fagan on the block the route she goes up in the air blocks. His shot ball is loose, bouncing picked up by Apple. Fagan was the only one back for Georgia trying to get it. All the other white shirts had already retreated. There's a three by man in the left corner Horse quick five points. And it's 47 to 39 largest lead of the game for Florida is eight dogs need points here. Here's Fagan across the top of the key with the right hand, slow dribble. Scoops it over toe. Wheeler Severe kills the dribble his past Tipton stolen by locking them to reach across the body foul on severe wheeler trying to lob it into the left corner. Tow tire and Appleby with quick hands, got a deflection, then got fouled. Justin was standing right in front of us wide open and had his hand up little fella trying to get it to him, But they got those Long arms out there in front of it were able to block it. Then he compounded it with the foul 1st 80 seconds. Not necessarily great for the dogs, man For three left corner open shot won't go off the rim Rebound goes to fake it and win a pie with one hand alley oop to tomorrow. They block it off the glass or foul him, which is the following That's on Omar pain, denying the alley oop dunk by tomorrow we'll send him to the free throw line. Well, that would have been a I've been in the exciting play right away for the dogs would been able to complete it instead to money will have to finish the deal at the foul line. He's two for three in the game six points. Left hander rattles it out. No good. Well, when it rains, it pours. We way can't get one to fall through that room. Dogs in the first half were Nine of 12 75% from the line. Gators have been there much just four foul shots in the first half. For them. Second one is all net for two. Money makes one out of two's got seven points and the lead is seven for Florida, 47 to 40. Gators work with trey Man far right into the floor attacks. The basket, throws it up over tomorrow rattles rim to rim side to side and fall through good man now with nine and Tom Creen has seen enough here to start the second half and calls a time out. 18 06 to go in the game. The Gators have extended their lead to nine. That's their largest of the contest. We'll take a time out, come back from or Bulldogs basketball from statement Coliseum in Athens right after this Bulldog Sports network. Northside Hospital reminds you to stay safe and stay healthy during the pandemic. It's easy to do a few simple things every day. Wash your hands frequently and disinfect hard.

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