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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jack Speer. President Trump says he is looking into canceling all subsidies for General Motors after the automaker decided to lay off more than fourteen thousand American workers. Impairs more license. More President Trump has angry and disappointed about the move by GM. He said Monday, the GM quote, better damn well opened a new plant very soon. Now, he appears to have settled on the oral else the president tweeting that he is now quote looking at cutting all GM subsidies, including for electric cars. It's not clear whether the president will follow through on that threat or whether he could get support from congress to remove the subsidies, President Trump is in a tough spot because he promised workers throughout the midwest that once he was president new manufacturing plants would be opening throughout the rust belt. Mara Liasson, NPR news, the Whitehouse. Scientists say average to slow global warming are falling further behind. And were they need to be to avoid serious damage to the climate NPR's. Christopher Joyce has more on the new study. They come up the emissions gap report. Scientists measure what countries are doing to lower emissions of greenhouse gases, then calculate if those measures will keep the rise in global temperature from overtopping the danger level about three and a half degrees Fahrenheit. Their latest report finds and increasingly large gap between current efforts in what's needed to protect the climate for a while. It looked like emissions were leveling out. But despite growth in renewable energy and less coal used in the US and Europe. Global emissions are rising too fast to avoid dangerous warming. The report was issued by the United Nations. Christopher Joyce NPR news amid a growing belief. They will not be successful in their efforts to get asylum in the US more of the five thousand or so mostly Central American migrants at the US Mexico border are now looking at other options, many were dispirited after failing across the border over the weekend. Some were repelled by US agents firing tear-gas Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina's. He trust the citizen of the border officers who decided to take the action go down there and.

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