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Save again by heart screwdriver, circle as circuits at bouncing puck. You to live for Kutuzov right point like Quanta, Polat circle. Kucherov. Johnson shoots that hit a leg. Rebound who truck right circle? Right. So go to Johnson, centerpoint Circuito legal. Stamkos fires blocked by Gouda. Flyers block a few shots on his penalty. Kill jerusalem. Clear held at circuit left point sling. Ziprecruiter operates circle by quarter. Andre Polat one lighting of the first. There's kucherov right circle. Rick wanna Polat center, it's block who travel the rebound prosper stamp goes too. Hot to handle snap. Goes collects. It left point of circle surrogates forty six penalty that plot. Front for jotted off his stick keeps it alive. Stamkos center point, very good-looking. Power play for the lightning drop, right circle. Holding holding off with a one timer. This have the puck. We'll out of his own lighting, a twenty eight seconds left to the power play kucherov. Another rush crossed the blood Tyler Johnson, right circle. Holes up fumbles taken away by overall looks up ice and puts it high up the near side glass into the lighting added script by Scott Lawton little give and goal with Lindblom back for lot in the left circle. Shot-blocking ricochets out of his own. That'll duck about doing the paddle eight Robert Hague animal. Blasted through the ice. Hard around the puck slides out to the neutral zone. The penalties up on Baroni lightning. Had some good pressure. Couldn't score. It's still nothing. He lasted an Ryan Kelly. It's the right back out. It's Andrew McDonald. The puck into the flyers bench. Fifteen fifteen left in the first one of the whitening. Impressive to see that the Lightning's power play really hasn't hindered. It all without breaking point or Victor Hedman on some really impressive puck movement removing it fast tape to tape passes. Philadelphia did a pretty good job at getting in lanes and trying to make it difficult, but Tyler Johnson mature, great point-blank chances on passes for Makita kucherov, and they have really had things going. Veroni wins the neutral zone, faceoff, etc. Podcast due twice rapports check by Cherniak, tally steals. Roll it up the middle and back ended in Travis I fell down behind his own at Martell pursues the puck take a corner, and what's the call here? I guess they felt San Heim bell on the Plotkin was on long enough to draw. Whistle although it's still of to me fourteen fifty seven left in the first secretary of as a goal for the lightning. It's one. Martell? He doesn't shy away from those. He's a puck county similar to kind of how Yanni Gord plays. It's just all out effort. And as soon as you go down he jumped on him right away. Trying to make a play as they didn't at first shift of the game him, Pat Callaghan. Probably the best chance so far in the first period, a wide open net for podcast, and that was set up from our talent and Callahan's initial shot blocked saved from Connor heart hurt. Patrick the face of. It is elegant serenity, but Homer knock Santa Clara attempt gossip spirit here is out of earning set of point shooting up the Scott. Well, the.

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