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It's going to be really unoriginal. But i'm starting to think that for all the all. The you know drama here early in the year. That ohio state ends up winning it because that offense is just so good and you know i'm now i think i could be twelve. Note the big ten title game too because the west is so much worse than the east. And i still think they're three and four after last night and i still think nebraska's probably the next best team in that division You know it's going to be hard for anybody out of that. Group of ohio state michigan michigan state penn. State's got loss already. Now sweetheart bringing them to run the table in the big ten but all you would think ohio state would have the best shot. If somebody's going to do what you would think it'd be a house. I would make the case. Ohio state has the most explosive offense in the country. Davin seen it up close. Their offensive line is really good. It's big athletic. They have the best gruber receivers. They have a really good tight ends but trivial henderson. Like i drafted on our little heisman fantasy deal and i'm happy with that pick because he's gonna i don't think right now you can put them ahead of kenneth walker bijon robinson. But he's going to he. He is an amazing talent just from being around there a little bit and seizures trials plan really while the thing that to me is going to be interesting as they are. They are very different schematically and what they're doing now and i think you have a lot of young. Db's who've emerge. I still don't think they're defensive. Line is the nasty group that it's ninety close to that but You know maryland was. It was like a recipe for disaster maryland. Like obviously they lost dante. D-mass who was the leading receiver in conference last week and in my open head of the of the Am i open head of the of the broadcast talked about the two guys. My glossy was hoping would would replace them. One was jay sean jones because he felt like he use playmaker but also could Pick up that the real emotional leadership piece early some of it and then darryl jones. While unlike the first play from scrimmage in the game jay sean jones catches a pass. It's a short gain and then gets carted off the field with an injury and he was done and they're also down their top three cornerbacks while state is the last seen. Wanna play if you're down. Three cornerback so i think you know what i wanna see from them. And i think it's gonna be interesting because the to michigan schools. I think could present an interesting challenge because they both run the football really really well and they have clear identities. Now in that regard oregon runs the football really. Well i mean you know. Joe moorhead does a lot of funky stuff and really knows how to attack people but those are going to be interesting match ups as as we are closer. I still think ohio state will be the favored. because they're gonna to be lighting people up offensively by this. Is you know again. I would after ohio state. Who do you in that. Division is michigan is a michigan state. Which team do you have right now. The most confidence in michigan state. I don't think they're getting nearly enough credit. And you know you talk about a test for that ohio state defense to see how much better they are from that oregon game the thing that strikes me out michigan state is how balanced they are on offense. They've got the number one rusher in the country and kenneth walker. He is an absolute study at a ninety. Four yard. run against Rutgers yesterday but they're not all run the ball. They've got a an excellent passing game as well. Which when's the last time. We saw that about the spartans hayden. Thorn is the eleventh rated passer. In the country's a fourteen to touchdown reception ratio. In jalen jane read and jalen naylor are both among the top seven receivers in the big ten so very pick your poison kind of offense and can they keep up with ohio stake in their defense. I have no idea. Defense has really been tested yet but It seems like more of a match proper. How state than penn state. Where first of all. We don't yet know how long sean clifford's is gonna be out. When even if he's back in penn state wins with their defense. They're dominant on defense there. Okay on offense. Penn state the the thing that i that i think that makes them dangerous for ohio state is they have really good secondary. All four guys are big time players back there and they can get pressure and they got linebackers. Who can run. It's not mike parsons. But they've got really good. They got legit. Nfl talent at all the levels. Especially you know at linebacker and db there playmakers receiver. So i don't again. It's like as clifford goes like. I could see them giving them a really good game. Yeah One of the last game of the day was lost in that to some degree loss in that a and you know Alabama window was nebraska and michigan. And i'm sure you saw or maybe saw pictures of it. The the look on scott frost face after brad hawkins strips the running back. And there's a fumble it's like. Oh my god we're gonna lose this way you know. And it's like this was not like nebraska. This wasn't like nebraska michigan state where nebraska wanna say they dominated but they were more in control. This was more you know. It was a back and forth game. Michigan ran the ball really well. I thought michigan offense looked better than it had realistically in a while and yet Nebraska was in the game and then all of a sudden it's like a pivotal moment and.

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