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The politics of it. I mean, I'll save that for a little bit later, but I just wanted the FAA cues from someone like yourself and it's Dr Salvia. Johnny is a doctor of pharmacy for the men's health Network has been doing this for a long time. Um, before I can switch up to the mask topic here in schools. Um, a couple things relative. He kind of laid out the difference between emergency use and full use. And that's a we've had now six months in durable and literally millions, probably the largest sample size ever, people have had it. And through the bear system, it says. There's really nothing that people are dying of. They weren't down before so its efficacy is already proven. What exactly is a breakthrough? When when you have when you talk about breakthrough? What does that mean A breakthrough virus. Well, what it simply means is that you have been fully vaccinated. And you have somehow become infected through with Covid. Which is expected and then you have symptoms that break through the vaccination. Uh and now the vast majority of individuals who have been vaccinated get very, very mild symptoms. Some don't even notice. That they have symptoms. Uh and they feel a little aching pains, runny nose. Maybe, uh, some, you know, just fatigue. Uh, but you have clinical signs. Signs that can be observed of an infection after you've had a course of full vaccination. We expected that Scott. Uh, we do have an occasional case, and I heard some number of crossed out somewhere about 10,000, but I don't think it's said that of individuals who have been fully vaccinated and died, Uh, with cold, and I think your observation that they didn't necessarily die of covid. But they died with carbon there after the day, you know, I think there's a big distinction here. If you have a stroke two weeks after the shot, it doesn't mean that the vaccine caused the shot. It means you know, there's a percentage of the population overall, little little have a stroke and It just happened to coincide with the back, see right, unusual medical sorrowful events in young people as well as older people. That's just What happens all the time If you worked in the hospital and clinic, see that 1st 10 firsthand, But we I think there's a misperception of the vaccine prevents you from getting The covid virus into your system, and that's not true. You know, barrier. There's no force field put around you, but what it does do is immune. You from getting the severe side effects of the vaccine, right? Why do we need a booster? Why are we talking about boosters now? Well, I believe that it was always Thought by the folks who develop this who that decades of experience. Developing vaccines advisor for example. That a Busta was going to be in the cards. We didn't We don't know. How long do you immunological passivity last? Uh, we're seeing now, with regresses with time It gets slower with time. That's very much expected. That's why the boosters for tetanus heat up and boosters for looking coffin boosters for other vaccinations. Uh, you know, across the board, depending on where you are, so that was not unexpected. So the booster Is coming now, as of September, 20th for the folks who were in the first cohort because the data shut out. That the androgen levels of antibody levels reduce overtime to somewhere around eight months where you need to re educate if you will take a refresher cost. Remember the MRNA vaccine. Teach your body how to make The end of the everybody's two hours, you have to re educate or the body system on how to fight those viruses. It will also push up. The antibody level and you will have much higher levels of protection. So some of the breakthroughs that we're seeing People believe and again. This is Scott because they're very new thing that we're looking at with this virus, and this virus behaves a little bit differently than other viruses. The breakthroughs we believe, or because the antibiotics level Are not as high as they could be. And you want to prevent that from dropping to the point where we will end up with getting the virus being hospitalized or having a severe reaction. Let me interrupt a second doctor, Sal Joe Johnny, because only got a couple minutes left, and I wanted to switch real quick to mass right now. In the tri state and pretty much everywhere else in the world. There's a debate over whether kids going back to school should mask or not mask. If it's a big deal, Parents are going to war with school boards and the like. Despite a more overwhelming number Americans saying it's really.

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