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Than a woman that you have to smooth morning. Meet Nikki looking. My name is Nikki. And the Good morning. It is Wednesday, July 1st 20. I can't believe it. Brad Burkhardt, We have made it to another month. Wow, It's just what I feel like. I'm stuck in at the end of February and March. You know what's interesting is, you know right around this time. I just think about because you know in this business, it could become ground Hog's Day with stories that we do So we're coming up on a holiday weekend. So normally be planning for fourth of July barbecue parties or you know where you're going to be travelling to will be talking to Triple a about how many people will be hitting the roads and flying during the holiday. I know, right? That's not happening this year 2020 is not going to be a year of these types of stories. Instead, we're kind of stuck in this ground Hog's day of Oh, no, We're seeing more cases, and it's like we've gone all the way back to February and March. You know, in numbers wise and part of the problem with what you're describing is that Talking about and planning a vacation or planning things with friends and family for upcoming holidays is almost as if you're experiencing holiday. It's therapeutic to just think about in plan and talk about with friends and family about getting together and so having that absent in your life, it just slows everything down even more. I know, even though some people like my daughter things this year's gone by so quickly. I d'oh now that I've said the words July 1st 2020. I do feel like this year's kind of going quickly. I can't wait to get to November. Just, you know, I really want to just I want that election to come and go and just know what's goingto happen. Just let you know. Coming up at seven o'clock. I will be speaking with Westwood ones. Bob Costantini. Joe Biden is ah! Coming out swinging at President Trump saying, You know he's not fit to be president really questioning the president's fitness? Of course, President Trump is still getting heat over the Russia bounty story. Now that he's officially been breathed also coming out swinging. I'm sure Is Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf. President Trump said listed Oakland amongst the list of cities that was like living in hell right, Oakland, Chicago and others. And so I'll be talking to the mayor about that. I'm sure she's not happy. But of course, it's not surprising that President Trump looks at Liberal California cities that way also The mayor shaft is for the guaranteed income an idea. Another presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, had offered up and was called crazy. And now when people are looking at their paychecks and their bank accounts right now in the midst of a pandemic. You know how good does a guaranteed income sound right about now? So we'll be talking at a 30 with the Oakland mayor. Then at nine o'clock, I'll be speaking with Dr Bob Walker. He's the chairman of the department medicine at UCSF and the doctor had this great Twitter thread about what was, you know, early on in this pandemic. Called California's Miracle How a State of our size was really able to keep our numbers lower when you compared to something like New York, which was just catastrophic early on in this pandemic Well, The doctor says the miracle is over. So what kind of talk about what exactly happened in the Golden State and why we're seeing the numbers that we're seeing. But my husband I was saying yesterday he was going to need to get tested. And he did. So the testing site was a couple like I don't know. A mile away from my house. So is writer on the corner. It started testing at 10 he said. He got there on 9 15 There were already he estimates 150 people in front of him. Wow, 45 minutes before they even started. And so apparently this location was extremely popular from for some reason, and it has to be one of those things. It's difficult to plan. Because when my husband finally got you To the front of line and it was a medical professional that had a slob him by the way that it wasn't that bad. It wasn't that bad. He said. He didn't They didn't touch his brain went up his nose. No, and so, But he said that they did not think they were going to have enough. Swabs to do everyone in line didn't have. I mean, not that Santa Clara County or whatever didn't physically have enough. They just didn't send enough to this location, which seemed to be really popular. Also, I believe some of these pop up spots. Will be ending on Thursday, so and they'll be moving maybe a different locations. And so obviously, if you're watching the news, and you're saying this rising cases you're probably rightly so. Thank you to yourself. Maybe I should go get tested and see if I have it. So how did you know? I think they should. How did he feel about it? He was fine. He sent me this video when he was leaving of the long line. I mean, it was at Silver Creek High School in San Jose, and it was on the campus. Unease, and when he left, the line was through the parking lot onto the fields of the high school, And so that's a really long line of evil. Of course, they're distanced right, So there's six feet in between the lines definitely longer because of that reason as well. But ah lot of people want to get tested, and I think you should if there's free tests, no appointment, drop in or set up an appointment. Go get tested. I just think we need more data, but unfortunately more people get tested, But we're seeing more positivity. I was mentioning former vice President Joe Biden he was talking about, you know, just how we have handled this crisis in this country, especially when you look at it. The number is coming out of other countries. And, yes, I know they're smaller, You know, places like New Zealand. They were really able Teo get ahold of this pandemic and basically crush it. But Vice President Joe Biden says Trump has failed. Month after month as other leaders and other countries took the necessary steps to get the virus under control. Donald Trump failed this month after month. As many of us urged him to step up and do his job. He failed us. Just look at the record. Just look at the record, you know, and President Trump still refuses to wear the mask, which you know, A lot of Republicans now are coming out. Tucker Carlson are non Tucker Carlson. Sean Hannity was out saying, You know, all our mascot opens up baseball and everything and I wonder if now that Sean Hannity is saying it if certain people will now start listening. It's sad to say that people like Dr Anthony found she and other aren't expert enough that it has to take. Sean Hannity to say it, But hey, if that's what it takes to get through to some of these conservatives find was Sean Hannity and Mitch McConnell coming up Finally, at the end of June. Totally gosh, after so many months, and now we have this divide in this country. And I don't know if you're gonna repair that divide, even with these high profile Republican commentators and leaders, saying that they're going to wear a mask and that it's it's a good thing to not only keep you safe, but keep others safe. Don't you think it's just such human nature, though you speak against something for so long that when you finally get it You just can't do it because it would. It would make you wrong. All those times. It's just suck it up. Whatever you need to say. All right, I'll wear a mask. I don't want to, but I'll wear the mask right. Just say whatever you have to say in your mind to make you feel better for being wrong this whole time and put the darn mascot thing. All of us have a hard time admitting they were wrong. Sometimes it's right. Eso eso to hear him talk about going to his local grocery stores so he can wear his, you know. Where his mask you know where he was wearing his mass safely so he could go to his local particular go grocery store. Yeah, it's refreshing to hear again A little. Ah, a little late on the game, and now we have had this divide, but hopefully hopefully that'll pull people together and get people to where their mass because now we're talking about enforcement in the state of California. Will you hear those announcements today from Governor Gavin Newsome, that dimmer switch that he talked about early on, He's going to utilize it. I was speaking to my producer John Daly before the show he was talking about. You could hear it. You can hear the frustration in Governor Newsome's voice..

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