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According to our Adam Schefter earlier on ESPN radio on Freddie and Fitz. Simmons Jonathan Jones from EM QB Jackson going back to Philadelphia chip Kelly was the reason that he was Jeter said down there. Tampa bay. Great. Thrower. Carson Wiggs does a one of the things that the Sean Jackson needs for the quarterback. And I think that's gotta be a fantastic marriage. That. Jacksonville back to the AFC tidal. Dave. Gets shot down there. They have a great defense and things really fell apart. There's a lot of ego down there and it didn't help when the offense for not taking care of their side of the ball. And so he did. What should have been shot to to win the AFC south on? Scrape? There's no doubt about it. Very much back in the staff. They have a competent starting quarterback. What is a really good fit for Levy on bell? At this point in time. If you have a list of fifteen FREDDY novel, wait. Really since the end of the season against. You know that it just seems like the jets. You have to have a lot of caf- days because it's difficult to spend that money of running back in today's NFL when you can get a quality guy separate in the third and fourth tracks, right? You have to go to a team that in the NFL intestate. Yeah. The jets I think in the top story, you know, they have a quarterback on deal because you don't want it. Days into the backfield Wicha quarterback Andrew running back though. The jets have that have their quarterback in standard you add this. That they have you know, when you when you look at the wide receivers ages Saturday crowded today to go with it. So that's the word that makes sense. I know it's not innovative. I know people say that. But it just seems like the jets away on Dell makes sense. Why don't the guys like guys like Landon cows and Odell Beckham junior anymore. I I don't know in college. So we'll have to see what the real time. Is really the real facts the first two or three years liquor those guarantees. I think that you know, there's nobody NFL when they sent a six year deal actually ended up seeing all six years ago. Still reports out there that the giants won trade one of the best wide receivers in the game today. If you're if the only out that I could give their own way than Collins is that there's such a glut of three of free agent safety is out there that he basically told him. Get fifteen percent. Less of Landon Collins fifty percent of the money. The only reason that's the only thing that I could see out there that would justify that. Okay. So it's it's really tough for the thing that makes it difficult for everyone. Of course, is that they're still paying you. This is a guy that they should cut ties with last year. If you're even with. You know, I I believe that they have to go out there and draft a quarterback. They're not gonna get what free agency Dwayne Askins that. He's there six they had to trade up. I know Dave Harold, and I know that you like to trade up. You make sure that that they can't not have a plan at quarterback past past April. Because it's it's getting ridiculous. Of course, the big quarterback news being that Nick foles is indeed out in the former eagles quarterback will get the four year deal. Eighty eight million in Jacksonville fifty million dollars in guaranteed money. That's the most in franchise history. Foles Jaguars top target during free agency in the contract. Clearly shows that earlier on the will Kane Joe Nick foles gives the Jacksonville Jaguars a window. I still believe that Jaguars defense can be one of the better ones in the NFL. And if you have that, and you have Nick foles, you have a chance we'll see if you can put weapons around him. We'll see if you have the receivers we'll see if you can get a healthy Leonard fournette to put behind him. But Nick foles is only thirty years old and we have seen quarterbacks last in this league up until they're thirty seven thirty eight. And if you're really good much later years of age in this league. Nick foles is a good gamble for the Jacksonville Jaguars. And at twenty two million dollars a year. That's the price you pay. Like, we also changes the draft board in the first round. Even if Dwayne Haskins was to slip to number seven. Speaking of the eagles, they acquired Sean Jackson from the buccaneers. Tyron Matthew will join the chiefs. It's a three year forty two million dollar deal. Matthew twenty six years old joined the Houston Texans on one year deal something we haven't seen in the NBA since nineteen ninety four. That's next DSP in radio. In Russell, Westbrook fans. And I'm sure that you'll get five or six different things happening. He's got to understand that there's going to be some times where fans are gonna be on Adam and him screaming back. That's a no win situation. Sportscenter allnight..

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