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Ah, You said that you were from Kansas City. What was your theme part? What was the big theme park in Kansas City? Out of in world of fun on DH. That's that's the one there in Kansas City. But I I remember And I remember going up to it was not not nearly as well. Themed is say, Disney World, but it was It was there, so I went a lot. Yeah. What were some of your favorite things there? Oh, well, the thing that I did I actually gotta do an episode on because it's no longer there is the Orient Express, which was a roller coaster have interlocking lips. So, like two of the loops, but they were connected so very cool and they tore down and build something else. Aah! Oh, my gosh. Almost 20 years ago, so, Yeah, So that's that was the one that I usually I miss the most. I should worlds of fun. What's there now? Is it Is it still there? Do they still have a theme park there? Yes. So it's still world. The fun. It's that specifically ride was replaced by a smaller ride, which happens a lot. Obviously, that's ah, with theme parks. There's only so much Stacy. You know, I went to world with fun just the other year. I mean, still still great time, which my favorite coaster was still there, But that's what that's what I have Each of gentle for Yeah. There you go. 3129817 200 is the AH is a phone number for the and that's the team Hochberg phone line. So, Yeah. Worlds of fun. I love some of the names of wood. You have favorite names of theme parks. Oh, man, There's so many. Well, the funny thing is with theme parks. The whole naming naming history is interesting When it started out, it was so there were only three names for theme parks was either kiddie land. Luna Park or Electric Park. Um, sometimes was Coney Island, Chicago had a Coney Island of Luna Park and a kiddie land we had to. We had to kiddie land. Okay, Wait. Did we have to? Because? Because that was that was just anonymous with theme park. You know who our amusement park I should say, Main main. Beyond that, That's ridiculous, Of course land, and then everybody's doing it. But, man, I think, uh, There's some odd ones, of course Cottage where l used to it, but experimental prototype community of tomorrow that's that's That's an odd one. E. I forgot that. I forgot. That's what it stood for. I forgot. That's what what is it again? It's experimental prototype community of tomorrow because it came from all Disney's original idea for a city in Florida, and then they turned it into a theme park after he died, and they decided that they probably shouldn't run a city. Yeah, so stuff like that. Disney's California adventure of a theme park. Theme to California. Yeah, that's just in California stuff like that, that there's a There's a lot of interest in Interesting ones. I just did an episode on Freedom Land, which was a Disneyland style park all about US history. It was in the Bronx for four years, five years. Yeah. Lots of freedom. Freedom land in the Bronx. Yeah. Yeah, It was one of all. I mean, a story is fascinating. Just quickly. It's one of Walt Disney's designers made Disneyland and they had a falling out and he went off to make his own theme parks. And there was a huge amount of swamp land in the Bronx. Uh, they just use and build on 80 acre park much bigger than you are. I think it was maybe 25% bigger than Disneyland. He's and it was a huge and then now it's where Coop City is, which is this giant housing complex, But For five years. It was a theme park based on U. S history. Freedomland. How did How did Walt Disney react to that? Not well, really. He didn't like that. There's no documentation on his thoughts on freedom land, but the guy himself actually went on. To start calling himself the master builder Disneyland, and that's how he got all these other homes around the country built and and then you know, well stepped in and sued him and said, You can't say that because I'm Disneyland. I think back. I went on to build a park called six Flags over Texas and Arlington. And that's what started six Flags. Is that right? That's what it's wow. Yeah, So he was the main designer for the 1st 6 Flags Park That was Don't buy a was a tycoon in Texas but one of the bills, but he brought him on as a designer, and that's what's so fun about this history is everybody overlaps. It's a very small industry, every industry says. We're very small industry, but this industry is very small. So it's lots of overlap. Lots of like, oh, you know, this guy did this himself. There's a lot of fun to kind of track and see how people jump from Park to park. That's pretty cool. That's pretty cool, Honey. Six Flags are there in America. Oh, my gosh, I I couldn't tell you. There's the There's only been 36 flags parks that were built to be six Flags. Parks. Uh, and that is six. Flags over Texas Six lives over. ST Louis may be called 6 to 6 Flags over Sam and six flags over Georgia. Russians. Five Atlanta Those three were built. To be fixed life sparks. All the other ones were just parts that some person built, and then they were bought by the six Flags company. There's no one in the one in Gurney, just outside of Chicago here used to be when it opened up. When that theme park opened up. It was called Marriotts Great America. Right, And then it became six legs. Great America. Yeah, on. That's how they did it. And through the eighties and nineties, they started accumulating a large amount of park so they weren't just buying amusement parks. They're buying water parks, and they're buying balls like little malls, theme park malls and that kind of stuff. Yeah, And so eventually they had this big, like You know, bankruptcy scare and they had to sell a bunch of them off a bunch of clothes. But for Wilder, I don't know what number they got up to. It was a lot a lot of parks. Ah, here's Patrick on WG and go ahead, Patrick. Like, uh, I don't know this, but I just looked up on you. They got over 1000 video of you. Old videos. One of particular it's you remembered by the four minutes long Is it WC and radio?.

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