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Weird because my mom leaves the guy walker out i i kinda like maybe this really is her but like she does come off a little lazy with those glasses and always just like a blanket on the couch and i'm just like get up and then they always have him being like wanna go for run shaikh now i to go to like they my face hurts right now you're killing me do all day no you're right that they really are always on the couch with like drinks in glasses and yeah okay i could definitely see that but the mom the i was like get your down there and say bye to your mom now when they went okay now getting into like to show last night when they go to vegas now how does that work out are you just not in that group or you don't get invited or they go hey this group's going to go there and then we're going to follow you doing this stuff back in may or like how does that work that only they went well it was four they're opening right to pick the lighting's and stuff to pick pick the furniture stuff yeah and then i guess i don't know how jack's got invited i think it just made sense there all it was the birthday yeah and it would make any sense for you know the witches of we hope to come to big bear yeah and then then they're like we need adderall now they just talk about the use of that are all interesting i like are you a fan of the adderall.

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