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Unraveling democracy and start attacking just people having access to the ballot. It snowballs. I and the golden gopher and they go further, and so what you've seen in in even in North Carolina. It's really it's a it's an ongoing struggle in a ballot. That now they're actually just pass the voter ID law that folks have been pushing back for years and years and years, you're looking at Gerry mammoth, some of the worst gerrymandering in the country happened in south and North Carolina. Which is why you you can get more democratic votes yet. You get the Democrats get less because they'll come back the dish. I think we've got to see all this has been a orchestrated concerted effort and strategy by publican Pap party to undermine the democratic process. This is what I said over and over again, if we take this outback change a nation in those former slaves except the ratio number between blacks advice if it looks like sample in North Carolina like five thousand blacks on registered on a thousand more than Cohen changes everything in Georgia for six hundred thousand on the books on registered voters. So when when when the black votes are come to live in the south connects is why Brown allies, it changes everything for the whole nation. Yes. Right. Absolutely. From Jackson that decisively. Why lightbulbs matter we literally created by vocalist? All right in our co-founded. We've studied the movement. We study what happened in Mississippi freedom Democratic Party. We we studied the election patterns. We studied law part of what we know is we know that literally the black vote paralytic, and it's always been on the forefront. It's always been on the vanguard progressive change in this country. Always and the south at all his lands away. There's been this idea of we've got this red state blue state in many ways, the south has been kind of written off even by the Democratic Party because in presidential elections because the based on that strategy, but when you really look at progressive power, right where you really can flip and shift this nation is really is in the south is in the south and keep places outside region as well. But that minimally when we allow the voting rights of black folk in Alabama and MRs. Zippy and George that eventually don't strategies it's kind of like test rashes, eventually they come to you. And I think that we've got a really see this as an art of change. And to me, I think that we can treat this like this is one of the pieces. That's very frustrating for me. If I'm hearing the commentary on TV on the radio, and we just act like this is just something normal that, you know, the public is look what they're doing it, Wisconsin. No, we need to look at what both the doing impairs and in France right now at the end of the day, they take to the streets. This is a moment in history that if we've got a really look at this as serious as it is this is an absolute bloodless coup is really is to really unraveled foundation of democracy. To create the south, basically is is a rear votes and blue need. And when the need. Medicaid..

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