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But it may not be considered the big story line because how many times that people like to hear about the offensive line play, and sometimes it is pedestrian When you talk about offensive and defensive lineman, But as you know it, and I know it When we go through all the cliches, the game is won in the battle of the trenches. I think that's going to be could be a significant point in this game of Kansas City, and their offensive line can be good to go. Come Sunday with the changes all right before we get to the big story line from over the weekend. I'll give you the guest list today. Pro Football Hall of Famer Deon Sanders will join us Coming up in about 30 minutes and then at 7:20 P.m. eastern will be joined by a rookie from Washington's football team and a very successful season. Antonio Gibson at 11 Total touchdowns. 7 40. PM Eastern Pro Football Hall of Famer Super Bowl champion. The bus is going to make a stop on the Zach Gil Show. Jerome Bettis at 8:20 P.m. eastern 5, 20. PM Pacific. The goal. No, not Brady. Jerry Rice is going to join us. Now there's different levels of goats. Yet the quarterback coach, you have a wide receiver goat. You got a bunch of different boats all around. But one of the goats and Jerry Rice, the greatest wide receiver of all time will join us at 8:20 P.m. eastern 5. 20 PM Pacific, then at 9 P.m. Eastern six Pacific Command that will be playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday from the Kansas City. How about those shoes line back to Damian Wilson will stop by, and then we'll end the show out in style. No closing bell. Today we will end the show out, though. With an artist that I love. And when I was a little kid, I would sing that song. It wasn't me yet. You never know who's stopping by during Super Bowl Week. Shaggy is going to join us on the Zach killed show. All right, let's start things off with the big trade that happened over the weekend. And if you listen to the show last week, you know it, and I knew it that the Rams did not want Jared Golf on the roster start the 2021 season, but the big question was Where they going to be able to move that contract now full disclosure. I thought golf is going to be on the roster, not because the Rams wanted him because I didn't think the Rams were going to be able to move that contract. Now, with that being said, We did float out the scenario the one way you can move around that golf contract. As if you gave up something with them. Kind of like when Sam thank you's with the Sixers screaming, trust the process they would take on bad contracts. As long as you sent a favorable draft pick of first round draft pick to them so McVeigh Les Snead, They said, everything they could. Golf is our quarterback in this moment. Translation. We're trying everything we can to get him off the roster this year because we don't trust him. So they found the Detroit lines They like Matthew Stafford. They got Matthew Stafford. All right. I think that's enough grade. Is it a tremendous upgrade? I wouldn't say it's tremendous, but I do have more confidence with Matthew Stafford compared to Jared Golf and hey, I like Matthew Stafford don't love Matthew Stafford. But I do like him and he's a better quarterback. Then Jared Goff, and it's nice that he'll be put in a winning environment with the good defense with the run game, and I know he's had some good wide receivers in Detroit. But you got to wide good wide receivers now with the Rams and Cooper Cup, and also Robert Woods, now on the return. I think you have to look at this as two deals. Two deals inside one deal. Because I didn't think Matthew Stafford was going to get traded for two first round picks and a third round pick. But in essence, when you look at the totality of the deal, that is what happened, But if you really break it down, Stafford really got traded for a first and a third and then the other deal, even though it's presented as one deal was okay. You want Jared Golf? We'll give you or can you take Jared Goff from us, and we'll give you a first round pick in that. Because Stafford If golf wasn't in the deal, the Rams would not have had to send two number one picks. There was a healthy market for Stafford. You hear the teams the Panthers Washington football team supposedly didn't want to play for the Patriots. But you know the teams that were interested the fact that he went for two first round picks. I don't think we just look at and say, Wow, some team traded two first round picks, or Stafford. They got Stafford the Rams. They had to get rid of golf, so they sank off with that contract to the Lions with an additional first round pick, and I know summer saying, Wow, the lines could have got a better deal Could've got earlier pick this year. I'm fine. That's a team that's rebuilding it. It's gonna take a long time to rebuild. You probably go on a three year plan even though we got a six year contract and Dan Campbell year ones awash here, too. You got to see improvement. Your number three You got to start moving in the playoff direction for the Detroit Lions. So for him to take a first round pick in 2022 2023. The Rams don't have a first round pick gone back to go off and going back to Randy All that stuff. They want a first round pick through the 2024 Jeff until the 2024 draft. So I don't have like when you look at it. Don't really have a problem in what the Lions did. I think the lines made out well for themselves because you get the two first round picks. You get a third round pick and they may not be prime. They may not be premium first round picks, but you want to accumulate assets here because you never know If you want to move up. Those assets can be very valuable. Take it on Gulf. I don't hate it. I don't believe in Jared Goff. I don't think off is an awful quarterback. I don't think he's a great quarterback. I don't think he's a good quarterback. I think he's been a quarterback that has his ups and downs. Sometimes he looks like that franchise quarterback number one overall pick, but that thought does not stay along. It evaporates quickly, and then you go on this roller coaster ride of good bad. Good, bad. Good, bad, bad, bad good. So to take on golf of you, the Lions It's all right. You see what you got for a little bit if he doesn't develop, And if he doesn't take that next step, then you eventually get rid of him. Whenever that contract does run up, or you're part ways before that in your draft your quarterback of the future now for the Rams, they're going all in. They are, and that's an NSC. It's open. Next year. We don't know what the same thing to look like. Brady will be a year older, the NFC East. You don't feel good about any of those teams and you look at the West. The rands are damn good football team. The 40. Niners should be back in the picture. The Seahawks have inconsistencies on both sides of the ball. And then you got the Green Bay Packers who have made it clear that Aaron Rodgers not just here for next year. They're hoping that he's there for years and years to come. Even with drafting Jordan Love that You've heard a different tone today from the head football coach Battle Foreign, also the GM and Brian Gouda kun. So For the Rams. They basically telling you we wanted a new quarterback so bad we're giving away two first round picks and a third round pick. And you better hope that Stafford stays healthy because two years ago he was hurt, then played this year. And battle through this season with not that good of a football team, So I think it's enough grade. Yes, but when you give up that much draft capital you better walk away with the Super Bowl. The rands were close. They were they were in Super Bowl 53. Off was a big problem in that game. Now, can you get back? You lose Brandon Staley, but that defense should be good. And you got about 2 to 3 year window with the quarterback that will turn 33 soon and that the Stafford to go get get a ring, so ultimately I do think it's a win win all around like you can contest and you can argue about what the lions or to me what the rands gave up and only think there's much of an argument with lines did. But for the Rams, you could contest doesn't make it that much better. I do think it makes you better, but we'll see how much better and we'll see if McVeigh could get that first Super Bowl ring so overall usually don't have a win. Win trade usually have that reaction. Wow. This team won the trade. That team lost the trade. I do believe that this trade Does benefit both sides and if you're going for it sometimes because of the bad drafting, admitted mistake of golf. You got to give up something to get rid of something, and also you got to give up something to get something and the Rams had to do it on both sides of the fence there, so loaded show today. Deon Sanders, Antonio Gibson, Jerome Bettis, Jerry Rice. Damian Wilson and Shaggy will stop Bible break when we come on back on the other side, What does the Gulf Stafford ran's Lines trade mean for another quarterback that's available to Shawn Watson? We'll get into that. Next. It.

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