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You've worked with deniro with Pacino with the loan with Woody Allen like and you do impersonations of overwork was to loan. I just imitated him. Oh, yes. That was extensive my national connection. Imitate him. Well, do not Abed slows not bad blue. It's more Iraqis stupid Rockies. Joe? And salons actually more polished, then more like do not bad cinema. How about which is your favorite from among if you're doing an impersonation? I don't wanna turn you into a, you know, a trained monkey here. Already are. That's my job basically job description right there. Strained vocal monkey. You know, all my I stopped doing impressions a long time ago. So I'm like arrested in like nine thousand nine hundred eighty two that way up my favorite one to always do was young Eric Roberts, which is obscure probably most your, you know, who I'm talking give year. We are. So ready? We are so here hope aggrandize village Eric Roberts. It's hard to do it without cursing. But. They took my breaking down. Chanu? I took my thumb. I selected. Anka's areas with us. It's very good. I used to also like to do Mickey Rourke from back in the day again Popa Greenwich Village, 'cause Mickey Rourke now, it just sounds like a lot older actress sandwiches to just gravelly, but you know, back in the day used to talk like this. I don't understand why how do you get from this voice, the ultra ultra cool mellow tones of this talk. Yeah. Chino when a similar route young now godfather, Al right? Nice high calm voice chilling with rag new, but it was up here. And now. There's like a wounded. I don't know. He we have obsessed for ten years over the thing that he shouted at you in the chair in heat. He just he wasn't in heat in the movie heat. Yes, he is shouting because she's got a great ass. And he and I that I'm Mark is the tipping point on when Al Pacino went from movie actor to cartoon to took cartoon character. Yeah, he yelled because Donald. At me, which it terrified me. And if you watch that again in heat, you'll see it's all it's over my shoulder. I'm not on camera. But you see I just go Jesus. And he does that I'm not acting at all genuine terrify accurate. That was Hank his area. Asking Pacino not to hurt him. It wasn't in character at all. And then he actually add lived daughters. I'm sorry. Something happens to me when I think about. And all that say in the movie. You know, what happened there Michael man who directed that? He does like a hundred takes of everything, and I think Algis had lost his mind at that was like the ninety eighth time. He had to say, I need just started freaking out and yelling. And how about you? You just give slinging in the chair one hundred times you just had to take that version. I was young actor as it was one of my first things actually were shooting heat and the birdcage at the same time. And wow, those were the days. Yeah. That's what my glory days, frankly, and. You know, a always improvising a lot, and I didn't know if I could improvise back. I was too scared. And I asked Michael mention I improvised when when AL's. Improvising Michelman thought about it went. Okay. So the only improvised line of mine was Jesus who are now. Down me, and it made it into the movie, which was real absolutely donlevatar. It is an honor to be here at seeing poppy in person, you're like a Cuban iota. You're wonderful. Also, you have a normal shaped head which is nice because the question, though, what the heck happened to you. Jim. Stugatz America his head starts off. Okay. At the top. And then by the time it hits his ears. It just eight expands out. That's the calories usually have the world's only apple bottoms scope as the king say, it's T H SCC thick my friends, so good on you live with our show with a Stu gods on ESPN radio hankins area in.

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