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Like Peterman is doing things where you're just sort of like, I didn't have never seen anyone do that before, which is it's remarkable because I've watched a lot of football. A lot of bad quarterbacking and he just looks the only people I can compare them to. There's a game that John Belk started with the skins. I think where he really just like was fucking like falling down in ways where like just untouched like Peterman is at a similar level of Avangard sucker there. Yeah, it's really sad. Redford is Eli, your most ASI quarterback? Yeah, definitely. Who has the most asked defense was the most asked defense Redford that would probably be some combination of the falcons and bucks together so bad. What about the chiefs though? Chiefs defense is pretty subtle, ask for sure like they can't really tackle or do anything else, right? But in this case, I'm kind of okay with it because that means Mahomes just throw like ninety times a game just to Duncan everyone in every single play, which is like indisputably. Awesome. So I'm okay with them being asked like maybe it's a tactical s. situation on the on the merits. It's ass. But one small thing though is that that they're so good on offense now that it makes the trade of Marcus Peters seem a lot dumber in my opinion because they had had Peters on Sunday night. Maybe they win that game. They probably don't win that game, but still would have been something right now. There's just nothing on that defense outside of Justin Houston, which is not good. Oh, and who's the other pass rusher. D. Ford? Yeah. Yet the to me the like what's frustrating with the Peters trade, especially in. Context. That was like one of those dumb things at teams do on principle where they were like mad that he was rude or something like that really like is like Instagram or something. And he might be a prick a lot of like star defensive backs. That's like one of the definitive sports prick personalities. Oh, yeah. But that was like they absolutely did not need to do that. It wasn't the sort of thing where they like, you know, he was tearing the locker room apart, or he was paid too much or whatever that was just like them getting. He's football, you know, super good football. And that should definitely be a consideration when you're building your football team's roster to my mind could see. I could see the chiefs defense being better if Eric berry was around, but I'm looking at NFL dot com. Headline from two weeks ago that says chief safety, Eric berry dealing with he'll deformity. So yeah, you need those heels to be fully formed. Yeah, you want in the correct shape Giuliani, the only the baby the baby, he'll I haven't seen deformity very much on injury. Reports that were really jumps out at you. Yeah, I'm new hotness sivy the new Arp. I'm questionable with a deformity out out with mutated. Who will be the first coach fired Redford and should be greeted, but they're not gonna do that. No, we'll we'll probably be Dirk cutter. I mean, I wish you would be Vance Joseph as Broncos fan. He's going to be like super fired after the season. 'cause I don't see a way really packing it in in the middle of the year, but yet Dirk cutter is bad. The Broncos are so annoying, man. He also call for his own firing too. Did he he? But they also they just gave up. Mike Smith is a sacrificial lamb Mike Smith who will go back to being a mafia extra or major league umpire, of course, about a pink boy for sure, absolutely. Has worn a pinkie ring at some point in his life. But I actually, I think I think Joseph is more likely to be cut particularly after tonight. When this podcast is they will be playing, I believe, a cardinals. If they lose that game, I think Joseph is out and then go ways already. Can we despair moments thought for how awful Bill O'Brien is and how amazing it is that he's still got a job. The red zone shit is like fantastic. Real of one real. They have so many good players. How could you possibly be that bad at that thing with the guys that they have on their team? Like I would a better job, but I would probably just tell like, I'd be like you guys figured out, it's fine..

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