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Oh god favoring mackerel governining did not report there was no eighty join amac failed very candidly i don't blame the officials those numbers were extremely hard to morita tonight black uniforms genera red numbers it's not an easy task appear ord alvin third end goal at the want eight point ballgame rams with away two fifty four to go garzon wide left good one wide right that give is thought hide hide is not going to get mark o'meara the first to get every october cut carlos hide as he got that handoff or tharted goal and the niners are going to have to go forward on fourth gold award now you get down what he called you give it to hide again or do you make the playoffs at bath on fourthdown we've got a little more problematic third douse the tide of one the trick apply it and if you know you're gonna go for a out seventy four total points that i had the niners are going to take a time out there first all the time out comes with two seventeen to go in the fourth the combined at seventy four points posting it on the highest scoring game in the history of this series the two teams combined for eighty points at anaheim stadium on october 23rd of 19 eighty three you were the san francisco 49 ers beat the la rams forty five to thirty five so we have been nine score a touchdown here regardless of what happens with the extrapoint or conversion it will match the highestscoring cyrix david the series i should say well the offenses really came out to play tonight and quite a change from earlier this season but it's fun fourth the goalkeeper juan garcia added motion to give us.

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