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Eight seven seven three three seven six six six six. Thanks, sarah. Tell pop and onboard giving us a little draft preview at the quarterback position and preview slash review. Because of what transpired with the giants last year. It's been a major topic of conversation here on the fan over the last several months certainly last several weeks when since he has struggled in the giants. Offense struggled that they giants missed out on a quarterback. They had to take order show to take quarterback. I agree because I think Barkley is a once every ten year type back, and yes, you can you don't have to take quarterback when you have a top five pick. Most teams do there's a reason why you're in the top five chance. Are you quarterback? Play hasn't been good enough. There were other reasons that the giants were bad as. They were last year. And I thought he had a couple of bullets left in the chamber. And that's why I was okay with the giants game plan. Because now if they had taken someone other than saquon Barkley, then I would've disagreed with it. But I thought they had a chance to get a once in a decade back. And I think they did. And I think Barkley will continue to play at the level that he's played out so far which is pretty damn good. He's already one of the best backs in the league. But I do kinda feel for the kid, Justin. Herbert. I looking into the crystal ball too late April when the NFL draft rolls around when the cardinals finish up with two or three wins and the forty Niners finish up with two or three wins and a giants win three or four four or five. And they're sitting in the top five again, maybe third maybe four it may be fair if they get down as far as six now, it's going to start to get tricky. Because now you might have to consider trading up to get in a position to get the specific quarterback you want, and I'm telling you gotta time. I think just going to be the highest ranked quarterback in the group this year. Swayed rank them now unless something drastic changes it over the course of the season and leading up to next April. Here's where I think the kid is kind of up against it. You know, I'm a huge Donald fan was ecstatic when the gets got darnold I like Baker Mayfield last year. I would have been okay, if the jets had gotten him where they were picking I was hoping that Sam darnold fell to them. And that's exactly what happened. So that worked out very well from a jet fan perspective, which you know, I am one. But it didn't matter jet-train, but he else might rankings were Donald one Mayfield to Allen three. And then I thought it was a toss up between Rosen and Jackson and Jackson went all the way down at the bottom of the first round to Baltimore. And I think he's got a chance to become a good starting quarterback in the league just wackos playing pretty well right now. So don't know when that's going to transpire down here in Baltimore. But I was not a Rosen fan. Some people were some people at him. Number one, Ricky Adam ranked number one of all the quarterbacks last year, and I'm not saying because he's struggling early year with Arizona. Couple of sixes the other night against Denver. Did he's doomed for failure. It's way too early to go there. But so far not great and feel justified about my stamps overrated last year, but the giants could look out in that they could get the first quarterback off the board this year. Now, you just have to hope that Herbert is that type of player, and he deserves it earns it what he's going to be compared to darnold for the rest of his career. Visit going to be both right here in New York. And I think Donald is going gonna do really good things for the jets and then the following year to attack abide Loa from Alabama looks like the wheel deal. He's having a phenomenal year. He's the leader leading candidate for Heisman Trophy winner. This year he could be leading candidate again next year. Alabama's good he's that good. If he's the first quarterback in the following draft. And I think he will not only that he'll probably be the number one player taken in the draft. But that's just my guess. And we're now. Now looking way the hell down the road. I get that. I might be overstepping my boundaries here. But that's what we do with sports talk radio. Sometimes you overstep your boundaries. Then Herbert we'll also compared to him because they will be a giant Fantasia. Now, you this time they shouldn't have taken a quarterback. They should've waited another year. And then got tackled by law. But now you're talking about being in the top two three four five and a draft three years running. What do you do tank next year will take on Barclay and Odell Beckham and the like just to make sure you're in position? And yes, I know you can always get aggressive trade up. But now you're trading off. All you're the first round draft picks in the future to get up to take that guy and tackle by low of might be that good. But that's just way too far down the road. The giant can't go there. They're going to be obligated to get a quarterback during this off season. If this at the end of allies, Ron which it is looking very much like that has arrived. Eight seven seven three three seven six six six six CJ from he's up on the fan. ACH? How you doing good, buddy? Well, I with the judge Rosen situation before it gets to the draft working do but the country situation next year is a possible Wilkes. And if he's is who might replace him. Wow. Plantar second question for us who the hell knows. It's going to replace him. It's way too early to go there. It's funny because I mentioned this someone just yesterday. You know, I do national show O'Brien CBS karate on the weekend. And I talked to national guys, and I asked at least two of them might have been as many as three listen who do you like as the new coaches and league we've got a couple of newbies guys getting their first job who's the guy who can step up and really surprised if people do real nice job. I'm not even talking about getting into playoffs winning play Afghan. Good job turning the franchise around and Wiltz was almost a given to be the first name mentioned that people were talking him up. And he's done a nice job. He's got the car. The Zona players doing exactly what he wants to do. He's a take charge kind of guy, and a choice heck has been shown in the first seven games. They played this year. Anybody is. Hot seat. If you go one in fifteen and if they type season, yes, I think they could pull the plug on early. We've seen guys get fired after only one year. Would they go its way too? We we're not even to the point where we say, he's he's definitely out. So you're not formulating opinions on who's going to be next to the giants the draft just in the Herbert. The biggest problem could be the wave is he could. Debit cards and even with the better record. The ad. The head the judge because the year which. Rate. Trade Khalil Mack. So he can't go up and John. Yeah. They seem to let Jon Gruden takeover run that franchises. He sees fick. Mr. supposed- quarterback guru, Derek Carr, gone backwards under Mr. quarterback guru. I don't know. It really is a great mystery to another part of the question. Lipstick don't want cock. You take the giants will make a good car. Still on the boat. I would and because as I was talking to a call earlier. Thanks, jay. Cars gotten a whole bunch of money already in a signing bonus. So you're obtaining a quarterback who's make a lot of money, but you're not taking as big a cap head because the captured stays with Oakland do trades him. So you actually get him for undervalue. I would not have problem training per dark. I think he's a damn good quarterback. I just know..

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