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Money laundering opera what you eight hundred thirty one it was billion i had forgotten you'll forgive me fox in the brinks truck brings my check and sometimes these bees and knees em's the millions and billions they get confused in my head yeah eight hundred billion dollars in the in the great percentage of that went to unions to keep them employed school unions in wisconsin and california we documented all of this and then those people have their dues collected another fees and a portion of that goes back democrat party so we couldn't go to the treasury and right the democrat party a check for one hundred billion million whatever dollars he can get it this way and the democrats have been doing this for years and the the origination of it is all of these fees and dues that the unions have been demanding from members the court said today that non union workers cannot be forced to pay these fees to public sector where did you know that the unions were able to extract this money from non union employees to they were that is what has ended now the stories at cnbc the case one of the most hotly anticipated the term concerned whether public employees can be forced to pay fees that fund the work of public sector unions some experts have said that a holding in favor of janice would be the most significant court decision affecting collective bargaining and decades mark janice was an employee at the illinois department of health care and human services he asked the court last summer to overrule a forty year old supreme court decision that found that public sector unions could require employees affected by their negotiations to pay so called agency fees which have also been called fair share fees those fees approved by the court nineteen seventy seven in a case of killed abboud via detroit board of education covers collective bargaining costs contract negotiations but they're meant to exclude political advocacy that they don't okay so that's the ruling non union workers cannot be and believe me there are many more non union employees in america than there are unionized unionized employees percentages way it's an all time low which if that's the case how do the unions keep simmons a damn much money to the democrats if union membership is true is is an all time low and it is then how the hell the sei you and the teachers unions how where did they get the money to send to the democrats now let's go to the numbers you wanna hear the numbers affected not the numbers i'm gonna give you our our contributions two thousand seventeen two thousand eighteen not all of this is going to be lost just a percentage of it the percentage donated by nonunion the forest the this is no different than a union boss reaching into a non union employees back pocket or checkbook and writing himself a check claiming you owe us this because you are benefiting from union contract negotiations and so forth and so on the american federation of teachers two thousand seventeen two thousand eighteen donated six and a half million dollars to the democrat party and various liberal groups none to republicans the american federation of state city municipal employees five million twenty seven thousand dollars all to the democrat party and liberal groups we are up to eleven and a half million just with two unions the national education association two million three hundred thousand ninety five percent of it to the democrat party and liberal groups the american federation government employees one point eight million same scenario most of it to democrats and liberal interest groups a smidgen to republicans the international association of firefighters one and a half million dollars now looks like about thirty percent of that went to republicans the rest of the democrat party the.

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